GamblingmanC's NFL plays Week #5

0-1 YTD

Tonight I'm taking the LA RAMS -2

RAMS are #4 in the NFL in passing yards, while the Seahawks are #28 in passing defense
Stafford should have a field day all night long.

Good Luck
Good job on the play Brad
of course, I knew I was dead in the water once they went into overtime.
But then again the Ravens were lucky to even get to OT

Raven played Flat for almost the whole game, and the Colts found a Defense? LOL

1-2 minus 2 units


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I'm a casual square at NFL. But I was actually thinking Colts had a decent D and no O when I thought the under.

That was amazing comeback by Ravens.

How on earth did Lamar end up with 442 yards after sitting on about 80 at HT??