Coral account restrictions


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Hi, ny Coral account has been restricted to minimal stakes and I suspect this may be across the board to bigger punters as my racing tipster has been cut!
I have lost overall with Coral and there was no warning.
It left me unable to place a bet after a deposit, which won.

Has anyone else has this happen this month?


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Nowadays most bookmakers are constantly reviewing accounts and as soon as they feel you are going to cost them money in the future, irrespective of whether the account has been making a profit up to that point or not, they will either shut you down entirely or reduce your maximum stake drastically (often by more than 99% and without warning). Although this can be a pain in the neck, it's just part of life if you're a punter these days and all you can do is withdraw your funds, close your account and take your custom elsewhere. There are currently well over 200 UK-licensed operators (several of them in my view better than Coral), so at least there are plenty of options.