Bodog big scam company please stay away


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Oct 7, 2019
I saw bodog rating A+ in sbr review that make me want to give a try on them
So i talk to customer service can I claim the turbo bonus 100% 2x rollover max 260
The customer service said yes go ahead
So I deposited 100 get 100% bonus , but I lost my 100 in few hours later .
Then I deposited another 100 place bet on Brighton +0.50 and won 104
Total I had 204 cash money in my account balance and my bonus rollover met 90%+
Then bodog88 disabled my account,they said I had multiple accounts in bodog .This is the first time I deposited in bodog !
Maybe I tried to sign up with bodog88 few years ago .
But I never use the previous account .
I ask them to show me my previous account they can't , they just keep ask me to wait and wait .
I submitted my id everything to them .
They closed my account on 05/10/2019 until 07/10/2019 .
07/10/2019 they activate my account back ,when I got my account back .
They cancelled my bonus 100( had meet 90% rollover) , is fine .
They can canceled the bonus ,but they even cancelled my won bet after two days said the game irregularities .
Before I place bet on Brighton , I had few bet lose they didn't said is game irregularities .
I never login to my previous account i never do anything irregularities ,this is unfair .
Been gambling in 8years this is the first time I saw a bookmaker so disgusting .


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Nov 20, 2012
Are they claiming irregularities on a Premier League game ?? If they are,threaten to go to the press with it.In the meantime,try the complaint button on the right of this page.
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