BizonBet withdrawal problem


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May 9, 2014
I made two deposits to BizonBet for a total of €700 and after about a week of betting with them, mostly live, my balance was €1712. I requested a withdrawal and after 4 days of not receiving any money i contacted them:
"Me: Hi, i made a Skrill withdrawal about 4 days ago, and i received no money and no sign from you. How long does this process usually take?
BizonBet Support: The maximum payout shall not exceed 400 EUR/USD at a time.
Me: I did not find any terms stating maximum withdrawal is €400, can you please forward me to these terms?
BizonBet Support: Terms are currently in the process updating.
Me: How often can i request a withdrawal?
BizonBet Support: You can request withdrawal once in month.
Me: Do you have any "rule" for maximum withdrawal to bank?
BizonBet Support: Rule is the same in all cases."

A second conversation via live chat, after receiving the first €400 payment:
"Please wait for a site operator to respond...
Operator David has joined the chat.
David 9:42:26 PM
Hello! Welcome to BizonBet. How can I help you?
Me 9:42:33 PM
9:43:07 PM
I want to know how often can i request a withdrawal
9:43:35 PM
it seems my maximum withdrawal has been limited to €400
David 9:44:16 PM
There is no limit for withdrawals. As soon as You get the sum of first request You can make another.
Me 9:44:53 PM
Can you confirm this is the same for all accounts?
9:45:07 PM
I was told by email support i can only request one withdrawal per month.
David 9:45:20 PM
Please write Your ID.
Me 9:45:29 PM
David 9:47:01 PM
It's not about the quantity it's about the sum 400 euro. You can make twice by 200 for example.
Me 9:47:43 PM
So i can only withdraw €400 per month?
David 9:47:59 PM
You are right.
Me 9:48:52 PM
Is it per calendar month, or a month from the previous withdrawal?
David 9:51:11 PM
You have already got 400 this month. And You have pending request. You will get it next month.
Me 9:51:54 PM
At the beginning of July?
David 9:53:26 PM
Yes, approximately.
Me 9:53:47 PM
Is this rule for all customers?
David 9:54:50 PM
No, in our website every player is treated individualy. It is the result of betting history.
Me 9:56:39 PM
So to me it's applied because i won?
David 9:58:15 PM
No. It is settled automaticaly by the progrem that is based on different aspects.
Me 9:59:08 PM
One of these aspects being net winnings?
David 10:00:30 PM
One of the acpects is Your betting.
Me 10:01:25 PM
This is not saying much, could you be more specific?
David 10:03:16 PM
Sorry but no. I have no detailed information.
Me 10:05:19 PM
What about your terms and conditions, why isn't there any mention of these withdrawal rules? Players only find this out after they try to withdraw.
David 10:10:35 PM
For that question please write to
Me 10:13:24 PM
Thanks for the support, have a good evening
David 10:13:49 PM
Thank you for choosing our website, and we wish you good luck!"

So BizonBet is holding my funds with no right and tells me i will get the full amount in 5 months. There are no terms or info on their site to cover this "rule" of theirs, and honestly it makes no sense either, unless they don't plan to pay me, of course.
I would appreciate if BMR could help me recover my funds from this bookie.

Thank you.

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Nov 15, 2012
Hello petro. Please send an email to with all of the information you can.


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Sep 11, 2014
The bookmaker BizonBet (SAVORY B.V., registered in the commercial register of Curacao under No. 129416, sublicense Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. #5536/JAZ) is fraudster and thief. I have all grounds to say this because they blocked my betting account with the 758 US Dollars without giving any reason, it has been over a month since the account was blocked, and they refuse to unblock it.
This is what they reply to all my questions on reasons for blocking my account: “According to company rules the amount of your deposits was returned to you and your account was blocked. This decision was made by the risk control department based on the analysis of your betting history. The company is not obliged to provide detailed explanation of reasons which influenced this decision”.
To give you a complete picture of unmitigated gall of BizonBet, I will provide some facts: I opened the account on 13.08.2014, deposits were made via Skrill VIP account, monies were deposited gradually, with amounts of 50-100 USD (deposited – lost – deposited again), I betted for 2 weeks, the maximums were initially 50 US Dollar, so that the bet amount did not exceed 50 US Dollar, all in all I made about 100 bets for the total amount of approx. 4 thousand Dollars.
On 25.08.2014 I made the request to withdraw 500 USD (this is the maximum amount in this betting company you can withdraw at a time), on 29.08.2014 the money arrived in my Skrill account and on the same day my account at BizonBet was blocked.
On my question regarding reasons for blocking my account, the support answered that the account was blocked in order to check the betting history, and that the block period lasts between 14 and 30 days; 14 days later I wrote one more letter regarding unblocking my account, the answer was that the check is still running (!), and now, after 30 days, on 29.09.2014 I wrote once again with regard to unblocking my account and got no reply. Then I tried to write them from another address – they answered that they will not unblock my account (the exact wording of their reply was cited above).

P.S. Attention, BizonBet change your providing company and license, now it is "VепtеRRо Gmuр Iпс." , registered in the commercial register of Seychelles under No. 141742.
Address: Suite 1, Second Floor & Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Viсtoria, Маhe, Seychelles