Bitcoin up about 16% in the last 24 hrs



Jan 8, 2022
Soooooo even though I consider I know a little bit more than average about cryptocurrencies I have to admit that I like to thread lightly when it comes to transactions (also mostly a hodlr) but when I get the chance to use it for my favorite stuff (mainly food and sports betting) Im all about it. Well nothing new there as I know some of you have already deposited with bitcoin at some of your books.

What's new is that yesterday I tried an XRP (ripple) deposit at BetOnline and let me tell you it was awesome!! I've never experienced a deposit so fast since I use to do CC deposits, Im telling you people. Less than 2 minutes between getting the QR scan and getting the confirmation>

I also tried one with Litecoin at Everygame and while it is awesome, the amount of time it takes it's too much when you already experienced a fast transaction network like XRP and or Doge.

Cant wait to see what happens with this as Solana is one of my favorite investments because of the technology they have for fast transactions. Anyways, hope it helps someone!!