Betsafe void


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I tipped a match yesterday, Resende - Vasco da Gama.
The game ended as I wanted and I expected money in the account. Now today I received an email from Betsafe where they will cancel my game because I put the game after the game had started.

They accepted the game themselves and I went ahead and played for the money I thought I won.
Is not about the money, is just about the way they treat us users. That they can decide when to cancel a game or not.

I also have screenshots of me putting the bet at 23.17 and the game started 24.00.

You do not need to be on this, but do you have any tips if I like to start a campaign via twitter. Is not the first time this has happened, but just gets so disappointed.



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For what is worth: I've googled "resende v vasco de gama 26 january" and most results list 11pm or 23.00 as the time the match started.