Betonline - Winning bet was settled as a lost


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Hey guys,
I am a frequent reader of this forum and now is my turn to put here this happening:

I placed a bet on the women's Olympic Gold Medal game between USA and Canada. The bet was on under 4,5 for 2000$ to win 2400$. The game ended 2-2 on regulation time and then Canada won 3-2 in overtime.

In the rules of betonline it shows:

For wagering purposes, a hockey game becomes official after fifty-five (55) minutes of play. Game must be played on scheduled date and site.
Wagering on the game includes overtime and penalty shootout, (unless otherwise stated).

My bet was for the regulation time period only as you can see in the print I send you. On the section "Game Notes: Gold Medal Game. Overtime is not included."

I sent an email to betonline to review this bet and they answered me back saying this was a AHL game and so, as it says in the rules, AHL bets counts with overtime. This was of course a mistake as this was not a AHL game but a Olympic game and the bet clearly shows "overtime is not included".

I spoke in chat and they answered me back saying this bet was settled and reviewed and there was nothing they could do. Worst is the fact that when I go to graded bets now, the "overtime is not included" doesn't show anymore, as somehow someone misteriously erased it.

I wish to submit a complaint about this bet with ticket number: 260924604 and hope BMR can get betonline to re-review this bet correctelly.


Thank you,


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I can't find any betting rules on their site. When I clicked on 'sportsbook rules', which was difficult enough to locate in the first place, I was simply redirected to the sportsbook homepage and their 'terms and conditions' section has nothing at all about betting rules for individual sports.


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I've looked at Betonline's hockey rules and the ticket you have posted above and it seems absolutely clear to me that your bet should have been settled as a winner. The ticket unequivocally states (indeed the point is even highlighted with an asterisk) that overtime is not included. According to the official Sochi website the score at the end of normal time was 2-2 and it was only in overtime that Canada scored the fifth goal. Betonline's claim that the bet has been settled and the matter is now closed is hardly fair in my view. A reputable bookmaker will always review the settlement of a bet if a player feels an error has occurred when that bet was settled. However, Betonline are on BMR's Red List (they've been there for just over a year and before that were on the Orange List). Red List bookmakers do not generally respond to approaches from BMR nor do they take any notice of threads such as this. Unfortunately, therefore, I don't think your chances of getting paid out are very good. All I can suggest is that you keep contacting Betonline about this issue in the hope that they will eventually realize that they have made a mistake and pay you your winnings. You have my sympathy, as there are few things more frustrating for a player than to have a winning bet settled as a loser and be unable to convince the bookmaker concerned that they have made a mistake. Good luck!


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Sometimes things end well...

After more than 2 hours on the phone with the Player Services Senior Manager and convinced him to give me back my wager of 2000$ and an extra 3000$ freebet with no rollover attached.
Not the same as a win, but if I choose right, I can get more than what I was supose to... ;)


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