Betfair confiscate money if cant verify account,dont return deposit


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How you think-is it normally if betfair confiscate all balance if cant verify account? Also deposit is non refundable.
After I sent passport he ask me bill.I sent bill-no answer after one day after 2 3 etc.After 5 days I resend bill-again NO answer.After week I try to login and find-you account is blocked.I go to LIVE chat and ask where is problem? Answer- your bill dont pass our KYC,please send other bill !!!!
Fine-this company dont send email-please send other bill but closed account and dont answered on emails. I told support-what if I dont have other bill or dont send other bill-than your account remain closed and funds confiscate.Im asking-how you can confiscate my deposit my money if you have problems with my account verifacation ? It is stated in out T@C-if you cant verify account we can confiscate all money in account.
This is worst company what I see, even fraudsters company refunded deposit when dont wana payout-Betfair dont payout nothing ....
Also he dont tell me-your account or document is fake,he just told me-your bill dont pass our KYC.OK if dont pass please return my deposit,NO we never returned money LOOL


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Send them a different bill or some other proof of your address. I don't like Betfair and I don't use them any more, but they aren't fraudsters (they don't need to be!) and if you send them satisfactory documentation, then they will unlock your account and let you access your money.


Trevrizent is correct.Unfortunately,the KYC rules are insisted on by - in this case - the British Government,supposedly to prevent money-laundering.One requirement seems to be that the bill is from a recognised utility.So not just any bill will do.
I agree that Betfair should have emailed you to tell you that the bill didn't meet their requirements.