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Obviously it's up to you, but there are members of this forum who can offer you help and advice, although we need a basic account of what has happened (not chapter and verse, just the essentials). Bet600 are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and are signed up to IBAS, so there are some regulatory options here.


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Hi . Can anyone give me advise on how I can get my withdrawals? Bet 600 are saying they are paid but I haven’t received a penny . They don’t answer my emails and what are my next steps . I have fully verified my account etc . I am due £1275 and £1000.


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If, as they claim, Bet600 have paid these two withdrawals, then there should be a transaction number for each of them. Ask them for the transaction numbers and then follow these up with your card issuer or bank. If Bet600 won't provide you with these details, then I would take that as a pretty clear indication that the withdrawals have not been paid. There are other options open to you at that point, but you need to give Bet600 a chance to provide this information first.


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Bet600 have contacted BMR to say this thread is unfair and should be removed.

They say all of the OPs payments had been made in a timely manner and his inquiries to them about this occurred at around the same time as this thread was made. And the matter was solved quickly.

They have offered to supply evidence of this.