Bet365 Restricted/Closed My Account For No Reason.


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Hello bet365 closed my account few minutes ago "didnt even send me email or anything" i tried to bet on football game and i got message saying that my account got restrictions i have message them in live chat and they said that
"The systems has detected that an account has been newly created that match your information"
"It is highly likely that someome has obtained your personal details somehow so we would recommend that you preform virus scan on your devices and check all associated statements to your payment methods to ensure that no funds have been debited without your authorisation"

Is this a joke or did anyone had this problem aswell? I dont know what to do...


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I think your account is ok. I had the same problem few days ago and the problem was in my network. For some reason 4G network connect me in another country. Try to conect on 3G or wifi.


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Hey there! I heard about this before. I may be wrong , but i think its about network too. Somehow they think its problem when you use another ip. As u cant travel .. or so. I don't know if this is the thing , but that is what i heard of. Maybe you can check youtube. Often people show problems and fixes .. I wish you luck !