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I have an account with for couple of years and never had a problem. I am not betting there regularly but time to time and using they bonus offers only when invited via email to take part.
I was invited in April, so I made a deposit of EUR 400 and received the 50% bonus up to EUR 200 (wagering requirement 4x deposit plus bonus, 180 days to fulfil). I was invited in August again, so I made a deposit of EUR 400 and received the next 50% bonus up to EUR 200 (wagering requirement 4x deposit plus bonus, 90 days to fulfil).

I placed some bets in August that won so my balance increased to EUR 2,064. I was happy and wanted to fulfil the wagering requirement of the first bonus in September because I had only few weeks left to fulfil the rollover. On 19/9/2013 I tried to log in and found out that my account is blocked. I contacted the customer support and was informed that my account is closed and will remain closed as I violated their terms and conditions of the bonus. When I asked where the problem is I was informed that my account is suspected to be connected to some other accounts or game community and therefore they have a right to close the account and to confiscate the bonus and winnings.
I argued and was ready to provide any relevant documents that could prove my identity but received the same answers again and again. Eventually they began ignoring my emails and do not communicate with me.

Now they hold my balance of EUR 2,064 that includes my two deposits of EUR 400, it means EUR 800 in total, two bonuses of EUR 200, it means EUR 400 in total and winnings of EUR 864.

I am ready to forfeit the bonuses because now I am really afraid to bet with them in the case they would opened my account. But I do insist on the pay out of my two deposits and winnings derived from these deposits.

Btw. I checked my deposit/withdrawal history and found out that the sum of my lifetime deposits to is EUR 2,450 in total and the sum of withdrawals is EUR 894.6 in total. It means my total balance with them since my registration is negative, EUR 1555.4 minus.

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bet-at-home has been in BMR Red list for confiscating player account balances since January 2013.

If players continue to deposit money with low-rated, Red-listed bookmakers, attracted by generous bonuses, there is not much, probably nothing, we can do to help them afterwards.

As the Red list page clearly says, bookmakers in there do not collaborate with us. If they did, they would not be in there in the first place.

All this to say, that while we can pass your complaint to bet-at-home, players need to learn to check BMR ratings <strong>before </strong>depositing money, not when is time to receive a payment and the bookmaker doesn't pay.

Obviously this doesn't matter, if you really have more than one account.


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Now I know I should have done a research before I made a deposit. However I find it unfair to close someone's account without any notice and confiscate a balance. Moreover I did not even asked for a withdrawal. The account was closed suddenly. I still hope to receive my deposits and winnings at least.

I do have only one account on my name, I am the only person who uses my account and my computer, nobody else in our house has an account with bet-at-home.