Be aware of



Feb 29, 2020
I have registered with about a week ago and since then i have placed many bets and used their casino.

My account was fully verified and my first 2 withdrawals were processed without major problems even though there were some delays.

I've managed to increase my bankroll and then requested a 2000 eur withdrawal. There is also about 700 eur currently sitting in my locked betcruise account.

I tried to contact them several times through their internal messaging system , through emails and via the phone with zero success. I have no doubt they were intentionally ignoring me.

Yesterday (28.2.20) i have received an email from them saying that my account is under investigation and that my account will remain locked until investigation is completed. They have asked me to provide them with a video of my self showing my face saying "for betcruise verification" which i did.

What i know is that i did nothing suspicious. Nothing at all. I have most of my activitiy video recorded and photographed. Its obvious that they are trying to deny payment since all were ok with them when the amounts were small.

Be very careful with