b win not wanting to pay out


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I made a bwin account sunday made 3 deposits 200, 170 and 500, on the last deposit I won 3500 tried to withdraw I couldnt which I expected. Sent my passport and bank card I deposited with off monday morning tried logging in and get the message suspected fraudulent user. Phoned them today they said my id was fine but my debit card is under investigation! There is absolutely no problem with my debit card so I believe they are just looking for an excuse not to pay me! They wont give me a time line on how long It will take am I likely to get payed out?


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smitjo, I advice you to go to your bank and ask them to give you prove of autentity of the debit card. Get a papper of that linked to your name and send it to bwin. After that there's nothing they can do.
Good luck