Account Suspended: Genuine mistake and now I am worried betfair will keep my money.



Dec 30, 2020

I have been using a betfair account for a long time and almost exclusively on the exchange.

I had a query, so I used the live chat function on betfair where I was asked to verify who I was.
I was unable to give the correct date of birth from my account which I was surprised by and then I was told the account had to be suspended.

I came to realise the account was registered in my mums name. I don't remember how I came to use the account but my mum no longer uses it and everything that is on the account belongs to me, email address, bank card, contact number etc.

Betfair said I shouldn't be using the account and a 3rd party card should not have been registered on the account. They asked that the account holders ID was sent in, as well my own with a picture of my face to match the ID/bank card.
I have provided this all to betfair who have since asked that proof of address is also sent.
I wrote back because I was unsure for whom they wanted proof of address.

On the live chat I was told I won't be able to use the account and will have to set one up for myself. I am completely OK with this and would even understand if they banned me from betfair forever because ultimately, it was my fault and not theirs. I just want to be able to recover the funds and open bets which are within the account.

My concern is that betfair feel I am still trying to act "fraudulently" by asking whose documents they need.

Is it possible that betfair will keep my funds and what happens to the open bets on the account?

Sorry for the long thread. I am not the best at articulating myself (which is also why I think I may end up digging a bigger hole if betfair misunderstand me).

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
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Nov 20, 2012
For what it's worth,if unsure just send both sets of documents as long as they are copies rather than originals.