1xbet blocked my account with 1742€



Feb 26, 2017
I'll keep you informed

I therefore sent by post my documents on February 24 in registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt for proof of sending
On 11 March, the letter arrived at the address given

Big problem, it will come back to me because 1xbet is a company that does not exist visibly
Here is what the follow-up tells me: Attempt of distribution unsuccessful

This means that the address they gave me does not exist

I do not know when it's going to stop, it's already been over a month
I can never contact 1xbet, I always have their automatic reply
I think my money is lost, I do not know what to do, I'm crying

Hello kikou01,

have you tried to send them a letter without acknowledgment of receipt for proof of sending, just ordinary letter.. Because, when there is some P.O.Box address, there is no person, which would receive the letter, isnt that?



Nov 20, 2012
For whatever comfort it may give you,kikou,SBR rate 1xbet D-.BMR,if they cannot provide a valid address for verification,should they not be on the blacklist ? Otherwise,what point is there in criticising the Curacao authorities for not acting based on the same reason ?



Jul 9, 2019
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Apr 9, 2021
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Feb 11, 2022
Thanks for your quicunx reply
Unfortunately I have already done all checks with sends in jpeg photo iD card and many others still (read the beginning of the email with the screenshot of the mails)

1xbet goes much further this time, probably to discourage me and keep my money

It seems to me that 1xbet it is not a bookmaker but a scam
i am playing on 1xbet from 3 years and i am happy with them there is something wrong in your profile

you post it on 2017 i hope your problem is solved

if not then you can contect me on my telegram imy i

Excuse me my english is bad
I have a big problem with my 1xbet account.
For several weeks, my account is blocked with my balance of 1742 €.

I tell you my story
After I win 1200€, 1xbet blocked my withdraw and asked me to provide him documents:
- a copy of my identity card: My scan was refused because he wanted a photo
- screenshots, confirming my gaming account via my e-wallet
Screenshots were refused several times
1.Refused because I had said it was captured with my mobile, off it was wrong.

2.Then refused because the screenshot was badly framed, then refused 5 times because the framing was not good

3. Then refused because I had, according to them, used a graphic software

4. Then because my screenshot was not full sized

5.Then screenshots of sections "My Accounts", "My Cards" and "My Profile" my e-wallet.

- finally a strange thing with a picture where I am holding your ID card near my face on the background of the mailing with security department.
(You will notice that 1xbet never asks for all the documents in the first mail. It does it separately, you feel that it will never end. Between the mail it makes last as long as possible and refuse documents for false reasons)
After several days of waiting I was able to make a withdrawal. From this moment all my betting odds have dropped between 5% and 15%. Example a rating of 2 was worth only 1.9

Having withdrawn from my winnings and lost a little, it remained on my account about 100 €. With a lot of luck several bets were winning to follow and my 100 € became in 3 days 1830 €. I immediately removed 95 €. From the next day my account was blocked with my balance of 1742 €.
I contacted several times the chat that told me to contact "security-en@1xbet.com" but "security-en@1xbet.com" never replied to my messages. So I tried to reconnect to my account and opened a request page to ask where it was mandatory to allow 1xbet to use our personal data and to contact the Russian police if necessary!

In times the completed form and transmitted a message told me that I will have an answer within 48 hours

48h exactly after, I received an email telling me that I would have another answer ... in others 48h

So I received another email after 48h telling me to log into my account

where I had to fill out a form with strange questions like the name of my employer (it's illegal to ask that!)

It was very difficult to send this form because the "send" button did not work
You can see it on this video
I was forced to repeat this many timesand during 1 hour

Finally I received an email asked me to connect to my account
- a copy of my passport
- screenshots of my 1xbet depots by my ewallet (they already have them!
- my statements of accounts indicating my deposits on my e-wallet
And to send all these documents not mail to Russia! It's crazy !

1xbet finishes the message saying that there will still be other instructions then but we do not know what!

You will notice that here 1xbet asks for copies while it was uncertain at first, it wanted pictures. There is no logic

I do not have a passport because I do not travel. It is not compulsory to have a passport
I contacted the "security-en@1xbet.com" service to tell them and ask to send a copy my ID card instead and here is the answer to all my request mails
"Your account is under review at the time, you should follow the instructions listed on the website"
I have sent more than 50 emails to ask them, I send them every day and I receive from time to time a mail with a single sentence, always the same "Your account is under verification at the moment, you should follow the Instructions listed on the website. " Who never answers my question.
Probably they never read my mail

I will send my identity card and the documents requested by mail to Russia but I am very afraid that these scammers use my papers to spoof my identity. Because yes 1xbet is a scam

I do not even know why my account is blocked. 1xbet gives no explanation despite my numerous mails. I have already done a lot of checks, they just do not want to pay my winnings!

I am distraught, I do not know what to do.
1742 € represents a lot of money for me and I am afraid I will never receive it.

I turn to you hoping you can help me
no not at all 1xbet is 1 of best website I am playing there from past 3 tears I hope your problem is solt out now becoz this post is from
2017 if not then I can help you

this is my telegram id @vJj09
you can contect me there