1xbet blocked my account with 1742€


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I'll keep you informed

I therefore sent by post my documents on February 24 in registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt for proof of sending
On 11 March, the letter arrived at the address given

Big problem, it will come back to me because 1xbet is a company that does not exist visibly
Here is what the follow-up tells me: Attempt of distribution unsuccessful

This means that the address they gave me does not exist

I do not know when it's going to stop, it's already been over a month
I can never contact 1xbet, I always have their automatic reply
I think my money is lost, I do not know what to do, I'm crying

Hello kikou01,

have you tried to send them a letter without acknowledgment of receipt for proof of sending, just ordinary letter.. Because, when there is some P.O.Box address, there is no person, which would receive the letter, isnt that?


For whatever comfort it may give you,kikou,SBR rate 1xbet D-.BMR,if they cannot provide a valid address for verification,should they not be on the blacklist ? Otherwise,what point is there in criticising the Curacao authorities for not acting based on the same reason ?


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