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  • Mcbookie won't settling winning bets

    I opened an account with mcbookie and deposited £500 after a couple of hours betting I managed to get my pot up to £1200.00. When I went to withdraw the money my account was locked. I emailed customer service and they had advised me that I have been excluded as previously I have self excluded. I presume this relates to a previous account I had with victor chandler. However they let me open this new account and bet for 24 hours and they are only willing to pay me my original deposit of £500 back not the other £700 profit. Does this sound correct? I feel cheated as I wasted all day yesterday winning a good size pot only to be told it has all been void. I did not know it was related to victor chandler and as there was no problem opening the account I didn't think there would be any issues going forward over settling bets and withdrawing winnings. Can somebody please help to clarify what I should do next?

  • BetVictor closed my account a couple of months ago. They claimed to have sent me an email informing me of this 'business decision', but I never received one. I only discovered what had happened when I logged in to my account, made a deposit and tried to place a bet (I should add that I only ever bet on horse racing). I received a message saying that sports bets could no longer be placed on this account. I contacted them via live chat to ask what was going on and, when they told me, I asked why I was still able to log on and deposit. The reply was that I was still 'welcome' to use their casino and poker sites! Needless to say I closed the account immediately (and my McBookie account as well - no idea whether that was similarly restricted, but no interest in betting with them any longer after the BetVictor shambles). I don't care what BetVictor say, I know full well that I did not receive any communication from them regarding the closure of my sports betting account and, given the way I feel I have been messed about by them, I would not recommend to anyone else to bet with them in the future.


    • I had a similar experience with BetVictor,Trevrizent.I suddenly discovered that my login wouldn't work.Then,when I contacted customer services,they informed me that my account had been closed.
      To be fair,they did send a letter of explanation,which basically boiled down to their traders having a problem with the way that I bet.It does seem very impolite not to tell you quickly.I suppose,once they've decided to close your account,they don't really care.


      • Yes, I agree. When they no longer want your custom, they don't seem to care about politeness and common courtesy. They also said they would email me to confirm the account closures - needless to say I'm still waiting. I'm not impressed by their customer service at all (it certainly isn't what I would expect from a Green List bookmaker) and I can't say I'm particularly sorry to see the back of them.


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