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  • Oddsmatrix LTD (exclusivebet.com) didn't pay

    Hi, guys
    Oddsmatrix LTD (exclusivebet.com) didn't pay to me a winning. To me returned only deposit of €150
    Be careful
    I did usual bets and they answered me that I am the dangerous player. To me it was very ridiculous such to hear, and I think that Odssmatrix itself turned now into the dangerous swindler, and also his site exclusivebet.com
    I played 8 days on a site exclusivebet.com and won €760, I ordered the first payout and a site document scan demanded. I sent, they very long check, 5 days checked and answered only in live chat that documents are checked. Answered that I have to receive withdrawl soon. But in some days they returned to me only deposit and answered:

    Fernando: Thank you for contacting us. How can I help you?
    xxxxx: Hello support, my account is blocked. Tell please that happened
    Fernando: Kindly hold while I look into your query.
    Fernando: Sorry to hear that your account has been blocked,
    in fact our software provider has signaled your account as high risk user a
    nd decided to close your account - purchase already refunded to Moneybookers
    xxxxxx: Ok, I will be to write in LGA
    Fernando: You are free to do so
    Fernando: Have a fantastic end of the day
    Fernando: you will receive the money through Moneybookers
    xxxxxxx: I received only 150 euru
    Fernando: you will receive the exact amount of money you have deposited
    xxxxxxx: Oddsmatrix, payot me only 150 euro but I won means on your account
    and ordered payout 766,23 euro, but received only the deposit 150 euro
    xxxxxxx: I will prepare the complaint to your site and to the oddsmatrix company in SBR and LGA

  • They certainly should have paid you your winnings,but your tactics may not have been the best.The first thing to do is to ask why they didn't pay you your winnings - before making any threats. Also,threatening them with the LGA so early may not have been wise,as the LGA don't have a brilliant record of helping punters.
    One more effective way might be to check where they are promoting themselves,and threaten to start posting there.


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