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  • Unibet locked my account and does not give me a time frame for a possible solution


    my name is Vladimir, i am from Russia, and I am writing you this email regarding the situation that occurred to me with betting operator, Unibet. I will go step by step describing the whole situation. At the moment my account is blocked and I have to access to it.

    On 30/03/2013 I opened an account with unibet.com and made a deposit of 300 euros via credit card. Few days later (03/04/2013) I received an email from Unibet stating that my account is subject to a standard security check. I was asked for some documents to confirm my identity, which I did send. On 07/04/2013 I received an email stating that my account was fully verified.

    From this date on to 12/06/2013, between winning and losing bets, I made several deposits more mainly via my account with Skrill (total deposits 2300 euros between Skrill and credit card). As a punter I have my own strategies and mostly I try to bet big in-play. So my account balance with unibet was around 5600 euros in the morning of 12/06/2013.

    On 12/06/2013 being on vacation in England, I started to bet on a doubles tennis match (Prague challenger Sikora/Stanek – Ramirez Hidalgo/Munoz de la nava) that was in-play. I made a number of stakes on underdogs in-play. I do not remember exactly but the odd for Sikora/Stanek was around 4.5-5 prematch and it was even higher when they lost the first set. Finally the match was won by Sikora/Stanek 67(3) 64 10-8. By the end of this match my account balance was around 9800 euros.

    Later that day I tried to log in into my account again and would get a log in error. I finally got in contact with customer support and was told that my account is blocked, the match that I bet on that day is being investigated by ESSA and once Unibet will get a response from them (from what I understand it’s a different entity) I will be notified via email. Its been more than 2 months and on numerous occasions I spoke with customer support via chat and also telephone. The answer was always the same “there is an ongoing investigation, as soon as we know something you will be notified”. On one occasion an agent told me that I would probably need to wait until next !year! until my issue is resolved. And also mentioned that unibet is well covered by their terms and conditions and can possibly confiscate my whole account balance.

    At this point I am getting hopeless with these people and frankly I start to doubt their credibility. I am hoping your professional assistance in this complex situation. I do not have any screen shots as I cannot log in into my account. I have emails from customer support that I can provide upon request. Any of your help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes,

  • As you say their T&Cs do allow them to suspend an account if any fraud is suspected whether it is your fault or not.At the end if there were irregularities found on that match they can void the bets etc but I cannot imagine them confiscating your whole account balance unless they can show you were at all involved. Have you been in touch with this ESSA directly to see how the investigation is going and how long it might still take ? Meanwhile it must be horrible for you when there is nothing much else you can do.


    • Yes, you need to contact ESSA directly if you haven't already done so, as Unibet will only tell you what they want you to know (and their recent record is not good - they are now on the BMR Red List!). Even if this match is under investigation as Unibet claim, I can't believe for one minute that it will be 2014 before the matter is resolved.


      • Just phoned ESSA and spoke to a guy named Khalid, which seemed pretty nice, advising me to send him an email of what had happened. Thank you guys for the comments, I will keep posting on the progress.


        • Just received an email from ESSA stating that they already made a request to Unibet. So lets see how it goes. I also filed a complaint with LGA about 4 days ago. But these guys seem not exist: did not get any response from them yet nor the confirmation that my complaint was received. Can anyone comment pls on whether LGA is trustworthy?


          • Have a look at G-Man's comment (23 August) about LGA licences in the 'BET AT HOME closed account' thread. I think that tells you all you need to know about them.


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