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  • youwager and related topics

    how trustworthy is youwager?

    last i heard they can still payout six-figures w/ no problems.. is this still true?

    also, what are the books it does p2p with?

  • I don't think anyone here can tell you whether Youwager is to be trusted with six figures.

    Actually I can't even access their site. Is their URL still youwager.eu or have they changed it again?


    • youwager.eu works for me, they do get attacked ddos style every now and then. imo first fidelity is one of the most underrated sportsbook group that serves u.s that is still under-represented. too bad their limits are for squirrels though.

      you can try clearing your cache and retry youwager.eu

      ps: i have no relations w/ first fidelity w/the exception of never been stiffed or close to being stiffed by them.


      • Not sure why anyone would need 6-figures with their limits, but the book has a strong background and honest guys working there. Underrated because they never spent much on marketing, affiliate programs etc. All US sites make me nervous these days though.


        • They used to have an affiliate program called GambleGains, then six years ago they decided they had enough and closed it, replacing the website with a placeholder page saying "gone fishing".


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