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  • Golddiadem cancelling my sports bets in retrospect


    I am new to this forum and my name is Remko, I'm from The Netherlands.

    I opened an account at www.golddiadem.com on Friday 14th August and deposited money on Saturday 15th August. I deposited 1559 euro and when I signed up I could choose my own bonus: 75 euro sports (50%) bonus or a casino bonus. Since I joined the website for the sportsbetting I opted for the sports bonus. So out of my deposit of 1559 euro, 150 euro was taken out and then added to my bonus funds, together with the 75 euro bonus. So my actual balance before beginning betting was 1409 euro and my actual bonus balance was 150+75=225 euro. The strange thing is that my balance only showed the 1409 euro and the bonus balance was invisible, but I didn't mind it a lot as I thought this was just a system error. Then I started betting and over the period of 4 days I placed a large number of bets (approximately 30 in total) and as more of them won than lost I built up a nice balance which was 2746,37 euro (I have a screenshot of this) plus a bonus balance (invisible but manually calculated by me by adding up all the lost and won bets) of 2467,54 euro at the end of the Sunday August 16th. Then on Monday I did not bet and on Tuesday I started betting again, and placed about 10 more bets. I lost a few hundred euros there. Then on Wednesday 19th August I logged in to bet again and to my surprise I found out that "your account has been restricted and you are only allowed to carry out a withdrawal of any existing funds on the account" (I also have a screenshot of this message). So I could not place any bets and not even see my betting history anymore! At first I thought this was a nasty move by Golddiadem to prevent me from reaching the bonus rollover conditions (and therefore forfeiting my bonus money) which had halfway been met so far. But then I emailed their support and they told me that all users had this on their account and that the website was being upgraded and it could take some days or weeks. At the moment only Live Casino was available, but after the upgrade the Sportsbetting and normal Casino would be available again (I also have a screenshot of this email of them). So I decided to wait. Then, a few days later I received a shocking email (also have a screenshot of that) saying that it should have never been possible for me to place sports bets at all on their website. They did not offer this product and all my bets are now cancelled retrospectively and my balance is now reset to 1559, which is the amount of my initial deposit. I beg you pardon???? The sports betting (offered via the Oddsmatrix sportsbetting solution) was clearly visible in the "my account" section (also have a screenshot of this) and I could perfectly place sports bets all this time. I was even offered a sports bonus upon making my first deposit. And now, just because I have won money and they are not keen on paying me out they just say "oh sorry we actuallly didn't mean to offer sportsbetting as a product so we will just cancel all your winnings"??? This is seriously the most shocking thing I have ever experienced in my life. They are taking away a total of approximately 3000 euro of my own money! This is a lot of money to me and I cannot just accept this. I am asking Bookmakersreview to convince Golddiadem to either let me bet again in the sportsbook and finish my betting rollover and cash out after this, or to not offer sportsbetting anymore but at least pay me out my balance when they restricted my account. I have done nothing wrong here and I should not be the one to pay for their mistakes (if they really didn't mean to offer sportsbetting) or their dishonesty (if this is all a set-up). And to make it even more ridiculous they even had (at the time of them restricting my account and resetting my balance) listed in their own Terms and Conditions the following line: "The sportsbook services are provided by Everymatrix N.V." And I even have a screenshot of this line of their terms and conditions. So how can they still say they were not offering sportsbetting at the time I was betting there? Sneakily they now removed this part from their terms and conditions.
    Bookmakersreview, can you please talk to Golddiadem on my behalf (they have stopped answering on my emails) as I have no clue what to to anymore? I also tried to file a complaint with the Malta Gaming Authority but they took 3 weeks to answer that the sportsbetting part of Golddiadem was never licensed in Malta and therefore they cannot help me. Even though this complaint on itself more has to do with a management decision by Golddiadem than an actual sportsbook issue. Clearly the MGA feel that I am right and they don't want to punish a client of them so this is their easy way out.
    But since Oddsmatrix are actually a decent company I cannot believe Golddiadem can just get away with this kind of behaviour.

    Hoping this dispute can be solved!

    Thanks, Remko

  • To do this,they'd have to cancel their sportsbook offering to everyone - not just to you,and not just to winners.It sounds to me as if their sportsbook turned out to be unprofitable for them,and this was their way of handling it.Have you checked whether there were other winners they did this to ?


    • Originally posted by quincunx

      To do this,they'd have to cancel their sportsbook offering to everyone - not just to you,and not just to winners.It sounds to me as if their sportsbook turned out to be unprofitable for them,and this was their way of handling it.Have you checked whether there were other winners they did this to ?

      I am not in contact with other players. But it's true that they did cancel their whole sportsbook. They are not offering it to anybody anymore, now they are only offering casino. But at the time I was playing there they were offering sports bets and they accepted and settled my bets without problems. But they cannot just cancel my bets in retrospect because they change their mind about offering sportsbook or not.


      • Hi,Remko.Sorry,yes,I appreciate that. A quick search turned up this storyhttp://www.casinos-online.co.uk/news/20150302/gold-diadem-launches-with-everymatrix/
        that makes it pretty clear that they did intend to offer sportsbook betting.
        I hope that helps with your dispute.


        • Yes there is no doubt that they did offer sportsbetting from March until August. They apparently decided they did not want to offer it anymore in August and thought they had removed it from their offering, but it was still there. Easily accessible via the My Account section. And they even offered me a sports bonus upon signing up and had listed in their terms and conditions that their sportsbook services were offered by EveryMatrix N.V.
          So they made the mistake to not remove the sportsbetting from their product, and now they decide that I am the one who has to pay for their mistake.


          • So how does my complaint go further now? Will Bookmakers Review try to contact Golddiadem on my behalf? Anyone knows?


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