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  • BMR Green List

    In the last couple of years the BMR Green List has, rightly or wrongly, changed very little. I was just wondering whether any BMR forumites think that there are bookmakers on the Green List who no longer deserve to be there or that there are bookmakers not on the Green List who should be on it. Any views?

  • Not checked it for a long time personally, but will look and let you know


    • It looks like it has never been changed - I don't see how totesport can be on the green list and Betfred isn't when they are the same company. Guessing this list was made before Betfred bought them, which was quite a while ago.

      Betfair should be in the green list - not sure how the Sportsbook is, but the exchange is obviously market leader and great for betting odds / trading.

      Stan James used to be good, but limit and close accounts far too quickly and shouldn't have such a high rating.

      Skybet should have a higher rating also. I know they no longer have ewallet deposit / withdrawal, but should still warrant a green list rating.

      Betsafe also have a lower rating than their parent company betsson!!! Would love to know what is factors decide these ratings.

      It's obvious that this site is pretty defunct now and the owners can't be arsed with updating anything - Canbet has a rating of 2 and they ****** off with everyone's money ages ago!!!

      Perhaps you should start your own site Trevrizent


      • You make some very valid points, not least the fact that the Green List badly needs updating. For what it's worth, here are my views bookmaker by bookmaker (I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but it's high time the issue was debated):

        Stan James: for me 3.5 these days and so no longer on the Green List. Still above average in the overall scheme of things, but markedly worse than they used to be (closing accounts far too quickly, placing restrictions on certain deposit methods and with promotions which don't always seem to be what they purport to be).

        Totesport/Betfred. Fully agree that they should have the same rating, as they are effectively the same company nowadays. I would have them both at 3.5. I think 3 is a bit low for Betfred, but 4 is too high for Totesport. They are both above average, but still with room for improvement (Betfred in particular limit accounts very quickly and have one or two restrictions to their promotions, e.g. that Best Odds Guaranteed on UK and Irish horse racing does not apply to certain bet types).

        Betfair Exchange: clearly should be on the Green List, although I'm no great fan myself (premium charge etc.). For me 4.5. I've never used their sportsbook, so can't comment.

        Skybet: haven't used them for years. When I last used them, my experience was ok despite one or two reservations. That said, I've seen a lot of positive feedback on them over the last couple of years, so a BMR rating of 3 looks too low these days.

        Ladbrokes: still worth a place on the Green List, but not as good as they used to be (zeroing accounts left, right and centre and offering odds which are generally on the skinny side). Should be 4 in my view. I would also rate Betdaq as 4 and add them to the Green List.

        Paddy Power: 4.5 for me. Limit accounts a bit quicker than they used to, but odds remain decent and customer service is as good as any.

        Coral: haven't used them for years, so can't really comment on whether they should still be on the Green List or not.

        William Hill: still one of the best for me (although I am aware of the problems Mile has had with them for the last eighteen months). Decent odds for the most part, good limits, a great range of markets and helpful customer service. 4.5+ in my book.

        Bet365: don't use them these days, but they continue to get plenty of positive feedback despite some players complaining that they can be overly fussy with regard to KYC procedures and are a little quicker to limit these days. I would have them at 4.5.

        BetVictor: my experience has always been positive - reasonable odds, good range of markets, very good limits, efficient customer support. I am aware, however, that they persist in closing certain accounts at the drop of a hat and that is not to their credit. Nonetheless also 4.5 for me.

        888Sport: I've never used them, so can't really comment in detail. They have a good range of markets, but their odds strike me as only average and their KYC procedures seem unnecessarily complicated. If they should be on the Green List, then so too, for example, should be 32RedSport (with whom I do have an account) who are also powered by Kambi Sports Solutions and so have the same odds but a much more straightforward KYC procedure. I would have 32RedSport at 3.5 at present (their customer service can be a bit hit and miss, but overall I think they are well above average and are trying hard to improve).

        There are other bookmakers both on and off the Green List that I could comment on, but I'll leave it there for now - feel free to agree or disagree with me as you see fit.


        • I had never before heard of Betanysports,Chinesebookie or Vietbet.That doesn't mean that they aren't okay.


          • Originally posted by quincunx

            I had never before heard of Betanysports,Chinesebookie or Vietbet.That doesn't mean that they aren't okay.

            Agreed - though as a UK player I wouldn't touch them for licensing reasons. Obviously may be good for international players.

            Trevrizent - do you think 888sport is complicated for KYC?? I only had to send my passport to pass KYC. Was very quick.

            Would you not give unibet the same rating as 888sport / 32 red. They also use the same software provider.

            Not seen TitanBet on the list either. While the odds can be poor on some events and their KYC can be pretty bad (wasn't when I signed up, but think they must have had a lot of fraudulent accounts opened there). I would think it's worthy of 3.5 maybe.

            Also partybets / Bwin + gamebookers are all the same, so should all have the same rating.


            • It may be that 888Sport's KYC procedures seem more involved on paper than they actually are in practice. If all you had to do was to send them a scan of your passport, then that's fair enough. I've never used Unibet either. They used not to have the best reputation for prompt payment, but I haven't seen much in the way of complaints in the last couple of years.

              Have you ever had any withdrawal problems with Titanbet? There is evidence on this forum and elsewhere to suggest that they can make it as difficult as possible for some players to withdraw their legitimate winnings (using their KYC procedures as - in my view a rather dubious - justification) before eventually paying up. Maybe they have been stung by fraudulent and duplicate accounts in recent years, but I regard them with a certain amount of suspicion and I would like to see some much more positive feedback before giving them a higher rating. Only 2.5 at best for me.


              • I've never had any problems with TitanBet personally, although I originally signed up and was verified before people started having KYC issues - they started asking everyone for pictures of them holding Their ID, which makes me believe they were targeted by fraudulent players. Usually you just hear of eastern European players being asked to provide a picture with them holding ID, but plenty of UK players have been asked to provide it as well.

                Payout times vary - can't remember what my first few debit card payouts were, but payouts to Skrill are within 72 hours, usually get them after 48 hours but have occasionally had them the next day.

                I think the majority of complaints were due to a failure by TitanBet to tell people they hadn't passed KYC / required more documents. I've not seen any UK based complaints though since they acquired a UKGC license.

                Sounds like I'm trying to promote them - but find it strange / hard to believe all complaints when I've never had any of the issues people complain about - most of them have something missing from their stories in my opinion (like getting caught multi accounting / live casino chip dumping).

                As for unibet - never had any issue with them, although only use them for a few bets here and there. I believe they are rated low as they had (or might still have) a predatory term in their t&cs citing that they can confiscate funds and close accounts at any time they wanted. Not sure if they ever held anyone to this term, it's probably just a badly written term for people using them illegally / scamming them.


                • In regards to the green list though, people want different things. I personally believe it should be rated on trust / their practices - although others will rate them on payment methods, quality of odds, amount of markets available, payout times, how quick they limit etc...

                  SBR rate marathon pretty highly because of decent odds and max bet - but I would have them on the Orange or even red list personally. They're located in a dodgy country for a start, they have more complaints about KYC than even TitanBet, limit incredibly quickly and have a tendency to void a lot of bets. Despite this they are still recommended by SBR users - I wouldn't trust them at all.


                  • I agree about Marathonbet. Quite apart from their shoddy customer service and withdrawal issues, I found their limits to be very poor even from the start (maybe they're better now, I don't know) - walked away from them in 2013 and don't miss them.

                    With regard to what players look for and expect from a Green List bookmaker, as you say, it varies enormously depending on how they like to bet and what they like to bet on. As far as I'm concerned, however, the two things which are not negotiable for a Green List bookmaker is that your funds are safe (and you can access and withdraw them whenever you choose) and that you are treated fairly (i.e. their terms and conditions are clear and transparent and they adhere to them). These things alone obviously shouldn't be enough to guarantee a bookmaker a place on the Green List, but any bookmaker who does not tick these boxes should be disqualified from entering the Green List no matter how good the rest of their offering might be.


                    • It's quite a difficult thing to workout really - even if you listed everything a player wanted from a green list bookie and rated them from 1-10, then took an average, you could probably end up with loads on the Orange list, from getting low scores on something like customer service or promotions for example.

                      1 bookie I would have on the green list here though is 188 - don't know if you use them, but have decent odds for football, been around for a while, almost instant payouts to Skrill (most of mine have been within 10 minutes). Customer service has always been decent for me (never had any bullshit or delays). Rarely see complaints either.

                      One thing I don't get though with all bookies is the debit card payout times - some bookies can do refunds to debit card in 24 hours - totesport (but not Betfred for some reason) and also bet McLean as well.


                      • The debit card issue is usually the result of how long it takes a bookmaker to do various security checks before a withdrawal is processed. That will depend on how many checks they perform, how many staff they have and how busy their security and payment sections are at any given time. That said, I'm convinced that some less reputable operators simply sit on withdrawal requests for a while in the hope that the player will either cancel/reverse them or will simply give up and not chase them if they don't do anything.


                        • i read your opinions and why don't you talk about pinny and sbobet?
                          these 2 are best for e really.
                          dont't know about chinesebet and co.
                          i had some cents in boylesports. i read many negative about them and cashes out. money were in one day on my neteller account.


                          • In my view both Pinnacle and SBObet fully deserve to be on the Green List (have seen nothing but positive feedback about them), although UK players such as myself can't use them any more.


                            • Originally posted by new_world

                              i read your opinions and why don't you talk about pinny and sbobet?

                              these 2 are best for e really.

                              dont't know about chinesebet and co.

                              i had some cents in boylesports. i read many negative about them and cashes out. money were in one day on my neteller account.

                              As a UK player these are obsolete for myself too. They are obviously green list bookies, but the conversation ended up towards UKGC licensed bookies.

                              Boylesports I use quite regularly and definitely would have them on my green list personally. Only thing I don't like is they don't process payments on the weekend. If you request a payout on Friday, it won't be in my Skrill account until Monday, but during the week payments are usually received same evening or next day.


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