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  • bet2be withdraw

    I have a problem regarding a withdrawal with the bookmaker bet2be. At first, I made several deposits to my account without any problems. Then, I requested my first withdrawal on August, 27 which also worked. I only had to upload my passport and a common utility bill in order to complete the verification process. But when I wished to make a second withdrawal on September, 19, all of a sudden bet2be demanded more documents, which I made them available to a certain extent
    (a photography of my passport next to my face). Sadly, other documents they demanded, I cannot upload because I simply do not have them. I tried to explain to the bookmaker why I am not able to send them their requested documents but they were not willing to cooperate and responded in a very unfriendly way and even tried to threaten me. I know that bookmakers are entitled to demand some documents for verification but in this case I cannot imagine that there is a legal basis for that.

    Here are the messages between me and bet2be regarding the requested withdrawal and documents:

    I request a withdrawl before a lot of days. When it will be executed?

    Support Team
    when u upload your tax payments
    read the rules https://www.bet2be.com/en/about/terms

    5.7 We shall require information from You to enable Us to meet anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorist financing legislation and regulations and to verify Your identity, name, age and address. This may include but is not limited to copies (including certified copies) of Your passport/identity card and satisfactory proof of address, including but not limited to utility bills and bank statements and the requirement for such can be made by Us at any time. Failure to supply to Us with any documentation requested by Us may lead to suspension or termination of Your Account. We reserve the right to contact third parties to verify Your identity and for the prevention of money laundering and the prevention of the financing of terrorism.

    6.2 You cannot place a Bet until there are cleared funds in Your Account. Deposit Funds together with any Legitimate Winnings due to You (collectively “Your Funds”) will be held in Your Account by Us on Your behalf. We are not a bank and no interest will be paid on Your Account or Your Funds. Only once We have received all information We require from You will Legitimate Winnings due to You be paid to Your Account.

    5.11 Without limiting the terms of this Clause 5, We do not accept Bets originating from any of the jurisdictions listed herein from time to time including Belgium, Cayman Islands, Denmark, France, Vatican City, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, North Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States. You warrant that You are not resident in any of these jurisdictions and that You will not use or access the Betting Platform or the Services when in any of these jurisdictions.

    What do you mean with that? I did already uploaded my passport and an utillity bill. And
    what do you need now from me? I did a successful withdraw a few weeks ago, where is now suddenly the problem?

    Support Team
    upload your tax payments.it may be doc from your workplace.we need your confirmation of your deposit. we are combat with fraudsters.and,please, upload your passport with you (face).

    what? I don't understand what you mean. I have to make a picture with my passport next to my face?

    Support Team
    yes. and upload confirmation of YOUR INCOME (tax payments or document from your workplace). if you do not do it, we will block your account and report about it to regulators.

    I did the uploads. I have no document from my workplace, because I am a student, so I uploaded a document from university. Now all is ok and you can do my withdrawl?

    Support Team
    sorry, but what is the source of your deposit, if you are student?

    you say it, sorry, that´s a impudence to ask me something like this, that´s my problem
    My withdraw will be booked now?

    Support Team
    NO. Many times we tried to resolve the issue with you the origin of your deposit, but you refuse to confirm the legality of the deposit. I think to report about this to regulator authority.
    your account will be blocked, while you upload the submission of required documents.
    All messages will be removed until the document will be in your account.
    that's all.
    good luck.

    so you have to tell me which document I have to upload. I can't upload a document of my workplace because I have no workplace, you understand. So I can only upload a document of university, or a screenshot of the account which I used for my deposit like some other bookies want to have it. So I will send you screenshot of my neteller account and so the problem with the deposit is solved. Is that ok?

    Support Team
    we must to check a person, who have £1197.14 on his deposit, but haven't work. ANY confirmation, but not some screens of your payment systems or something like this - it's not confirmation, that you have a legal source.

    yes, but what I have to do now? A part of the money which I had deposit, I won from other bookies, and another part I get from my parents. I can`t understand why it is so important for you, no other bookie ask questions like this, it is no problem there

    After that, bet2be has broken off all contact and all my following messages were deleted from them instantly. A few days later, they processed the withdrawal and the money was transferred to my neteller account. I am not able to tell you what had suddenly changed their mind because I did not do anything after the last message. But again, this proofs that withdrawals are possible without arbitrary requested documents. Unfortunately, the two withdrawals contained only a part of the money on my bet2be-account and so there is still quite a sum left, which I requested to be withdrawn immediately after the second withdrawal was completed. But the request was cancelled instantly from bet2be and they sent me a message that I have to upload the former mentioned documents.
    Thereupon, I explained everything in detail to them again, but I did not get a response.
    I do not know what I should do now, so I hope you can help me with this case. I am very sure that this procedure of bet2be is just another case of arbitrariness whose goal my surrender is. I hope that you can help me to get the rest of my money from my bet2be-account because, as stated above, I do not have the required documents. I am sure they have no legal basis in order to demand documents like this and to refuse the withdrawal because of this.

  • Their request is impudent,but it is just about arguable.They actually are sort of being reasonable in being prepared to accept any evidence showing the source of the money.So if your parents were the original source,it might be worth sending them a copy of the relevant cheque or bank statements [yours and those of your parents].
    I can understand that that might be embarrassing,since you would have to tell your parents that you had been gambling.However,if you want the money,you might have to put your pride aside.
    Giving bet2be the benefit of the doubt,they may just be scared of authorities who are cracking down on money laundering.


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