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  • ExclusiveBet no payout

    Before 1 month I open Exclusivebet.eu, not use any bonus, I try 3 times withdraw money and all will be ok, but last withdraw over 1100 EUR Exclusivebet no payout, close my account and send me just 130 EUR to my Skrill. 130EUR is my last deposit. I not breach any rules, just place clear bets. First time when I have over 1000 EUR on balance he close account and confiscate money.

  • I send mails and mails and mails... Exclusivebet just one answer and say that I breach the rule. I again everyday send mail and asked tell me know which rule I breach, of course I not received answer. Very nice way to steal player's money. I urge Exclusivebet them to publicly put here all my bets and say what I breach. He say "You as high risk user". Ok when I risk user, close my account and back me money, you not any reason to confiscate money. People stay away of this site, save your money.


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