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  • BWIN VOID winning bets after 2 days

    Again BWIN....

    I bet hockey LIVE on match Koln-Straubing (13.12.) by resultats 3-1...ods was 2,65...other bookie hase odds araund 2,30/2,40....Koln win then 4-1! Yasterday BWIN didnt make winning bets so i wrote on support,then arraund 13-14 hours they finnaly made winning bets and i recive money.
    Before 30 minuts i recive mail that bets are VOID becouse wrong odds! This is really joke!! They voided my bets becouse of 0,20 differnece in odds???

  • Today same story,buth other resultats!
    I cach two unders in hockey for realy great LIVE odds on BWIN,both for 0,40-0,50 better odds minimal. Then starts goal party in NHL match wich its on program now (JETS-PITTS)...and i LOST of cours.

    Buth today will be this on BWIN not wrong odds,becouse i lost money....for now i have all red,buth i wrote there and ask abauth this two same situations. Lets see what will now answer...


    • I recive answer....they say that odds was OK,and that they dont look on others bookmaker....hahahahahahahahaha Merry Christmas! If i win this bets,i am sure that they will made all void becouse of wrong odds.....bookies like bookies....


      • Ok,now i have proof that BWIN can VOID bets on every accaunt specifically,even they always say,that VOID ALL BETS together with sistem,if they void something. This is totally not true,clear lie!!! Some day back we speak on bear with freand what we bet,and we come on end,that we bet also on one same match in LIVE. Today ask me if i have also VOID bets from this match? He send me on mail wich bet has void,and this bets are winning on my accaunt. I bet lover stakes,becouse so and so i have limits,he bet 3-4 times more......and recive VOID...of course,only on WINNING bets,not on this wich he lost!

        This is unbelievable!!! They can Cheat when will,and VOID aur winning bets when they will!

        If moderators wont proof,i can send it on privat mail....


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