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  • Malubit.com SCAM Alert

    Please everyone should be warned here. Malubit.com is stealing money! I was also stupid one, who deposit and play there. After few deposits and losing run, I have won one bet and my balance become 1337.5 mBTC. After that I have placed a bet for 250 mBTC, which lost and I have requested withdrawal for 700 mBTC immediately. In my balance left 387.5 mBTC. My withdrawal was not processed for 2 days and after that I told Malubit.com support team named "Clint", that I will not bet until my withdrawal is processed.
    Guess what is going to happens after that?
    They have cancelled my withdrawal of 700 mBTC, but in History of Withdrawals change it that it was cancelled in same day, when I have requested it.
    They placed a bet for whole balance of 1087.5 mBTC with odds 9.5 (Aqua Santa)!!! from Brazilian Paulista between Guarani vs. Aqua Santa.
    Of course this bet lost and they credited even 23.05 mBTC bonus for the losing bet in my balance!!!

    Please stay away from Malubit.com and not repeat my bad experience!!!

    p.s. I have screenshots, which prove, that they manipulated Transaction history.


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