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  • Incident with bet22 - unable to withdraw my funds

    Dear all,

    I’m posting this topic as I’m living a very unfortunate situation with BET22.

    I opened and account in BET22 last Oct 29th 2019.

    I have been depositing money in my Bet22 account several times without any problem, without any restriction.

    After several loses, I start accumulating an amount of money. My current balance is 6365.29CHF so last Nov 4th I tried to withdraw some funds to my credit card….and then the nightmare started. Up to 27 times I tried to withdraw my funds, and the withdrawn has been always rejected behind false statements such as “wrong personal details” “problem with the payment operator” “problem with my bank” “official ID documents needed from my side” or “credit card image needed from my side”. After sending all the information requested, checking with **** and checking with my bank, EVERYTHING IS OK FROM MY SIDE.

    I need your help and guidance to unblock this unfair situation when one betting operator is refusing to reimburse the funds that I fairly earned.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help

  • Did you file a complaint?


    • Thanks for your question.

      Today I have sent notifications to the EGBA, the CYPRUS GAMING COMMISION and the CURAÇAO EGAMING with the hope to fix this situation. I have also shared the chain of emails (70) to better illustrate their incoherent chain of answers.

      I feel they delay every action so the clients keep betting, and sometimes they loose the funds they tried to withdraw.

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