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  • Seabet - any info

    I specialise in Asian handicaps and due to a rogue successful streak (very rare) have had most of my accounts limited.

    As such am now looking at using a brokerage based in Asia> Have shopped around and have found a few. Asianconnect has plenty of reviews flying around but couldn't find much about Seabet (normally sounds alarm bells).

    Just wondering if anyone has used them or knows much about them?

    Cheers, Fin

  • Never heard of them before, but first thing I've noticed is that they are licensed or claim to be licensed in Montenegro, but list the ABB (Association of British Bookmakers) logo on their web site.

    No way they are an ABB member. I also find hard to believe a brand new bookmaker has 400 employees, unless that includes neighbors, friends and pets.

    If you try them, please come back to report about your experience. I'm now going to add them to the database.


    • They must check this site because that logo you mentioned has already been removed. Not sure what to make of that. Certainly means you were correct though.

      Anyway, will report back if and when I open an account


      • I've spoken to a recruiter that visited their office and helped them hire a sales and marketing manager.

        I was told Seabet are one of those quieter companies that cater to people wanting to place large bets on Asian Handicap.

        They allegedly have backers in Hong Kong and recently changed all the companies directors, whatever that means.


        • Much obliged for the info.
          As it happens I spoke to their marketing guy and he said he deals with most of their European customers so it could well be the same bloke.

          Everything sounded pretty professional and promising so I sent over the various forms and id to set up an account...

          However..I am still wary of making my initial deposit. He explained that their finances are ring fenced etc. but without having spoken to existing customers not sure how to go about guaranteeing such things.

          Any suggestions?


          • There is really nothing you can do to guarantee that and the fact that someone in South East Asia decided to get a license in Montenegro of all places doesn't exactly speak in favor of them being legitimate.

            But ultimately all bookmakers are only as good as their last payout, so there always is a degree of risk. What you need to do is calculate if the potential reward is worth the risk.


            • Indeed.
              Tough calculation to make though and not something i'm overly keen to take a gamble on (one of the few things).

              Instead i've asked their marketing man if he can provide me with references from existing customers. He said that shouldn't be a problem so will wait and see what they put forward.
              Obviously it's not ideal as you are still taking a punt on who the references are from.
              They have been pretty accommodating so far though


              • Although I've seen a few, overall is very rare that a bookamker starts with the intention to defraud players.

                Most of the times what happens is that they are bad at managing players or spend way too much in advertising and promotional offers. Because of this they end up using player funds to manage the day-to-day operations and then they try to catch up but they never do.

                The "good news" about Seabet is that they don't seem to do any promotional activity which suggests they already have a portfolio of players and probably attract new ones through customer referral.

                I never asked, but how did you find out about them?


                • Through referral - though unfortunately not from an existing customer which would have sufficed for me. An associate of mine is involved with an occasionally successful syndicate in Scandinavia and he passed on the names of potential outlets he knew of that have offices in London (where I am).
                  Seabet being one, Asianconnect another and then Samvo - but I know from research (and Dispatches) that they were embroiled in various match-fixing allegations so thought i'd give them a swerve.


                  • So......after a couple of unprofitable months my luck has finally returned and I can happily report that Seabet paid out immediately as and when requested. As such, i've been more than happy with the whole service. All the bets are taken over skype which is ideal for my situation and means I can always save a record of them.


                    • so, in the end what convinced you to try them? there are several of these kind of brokers which do have a decent track-record, do they offer something special?


                      • I actually spoke with a member of their staff who is based in London (where it turns out they also have offices - reassuring) who was very helpful with my queries. Also sent me a copy of their licence.


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