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  • Self excluded but still able to create account and bet

    Hello everyone I was wondering if someone could help I have a severe gambling problem and had requested to self exclude myself from MoPlay. A few days later I felt the itch and decided to sign up using a different email and add my middle name but all other details were the same. I managed to lose over £700 and when I told them about it hey simply said I had breached their terms and conditions so they were not liable to give me a refund. Mind you this company did no checks on my identity and did not ask me to verify anything.

  • It's a tricky situation with self excluded people re-joining and then asking for losses to be repiad.

    You'll need to get the regulator to order it in most cases.

    There is a useful article here about how to complaint to their Gibraltar regulator https://help.moplay.com/hc/en-us/art...rmal-complaint


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