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  • BET AT HOME closed account

    Hi guys. I am new here. I had an account by BAH. I made a deposit cca 1500 € and played roulette. After some time I won cca 3500 € and wanted to withdraw. I sent them my ID etc. After that they asked me if I know two people. I said them that I dont know them (I really dont know them). They said that they have evidences that I know them. I told them that I have registered through a website that I heard about from my friend (not the two people they asked). BAH said that my answer wasnt enough and my account stays blocked. They wont pay me also my deposit. Now I try to contact LGA, who gave them the license. I dont know what to do. I know they are in red list, but I didnt know this before.

    Thank you Martina

  • Who are the two people that BAH say you know? Are they registered at the same address as you by any chance? Also, you problem seems more related to casino than sportsbook. An LGA licence may as well be written on toilet paper as they never help players.


    • Hi G-Man, thank you I dont know any more informations about this people just their name without surname. I dont know where are they from. Problem is that LGA is paid by bookmaker so they help bookmakers not players/consumers. Do you think that they have the right not to pay out my deposit?


      • Bet At Home have become an awful bookmaker and as a red listed bookmaker, they have proved themselves inaccessible in resolving player issues. Are you saying you got an email from them saying that you know "Player A" and "Player B"? What did these players do? Sounds like they may be implying that you are a multiple account holder. Did they email you? If so, can you post your email, removing the sensitive information.


        • Hi my email is in slovak. I said them that I dont know player A and B. I said also that I was registered through a web about that I heard from my friend. That was a sport betting web. BAH said that mz answer is not enough. Should I tell them tha I know this people? But it isnt true. They stopped the discussion with me.



          • You are not very clear. What did they say the players did? Are they registed at your address as well? Surely not even Bet-At-Home would say that they think you know some random guys from China.

            Anyway your problem is unfortunately an online casino issue NOT sports book.


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