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  • partner friendly bookmakers

    hi is there a list or site for bookies that allow partner in same household to open account cheers

  • It's just not worth it, Chris. Most bookmakers will allow more than one account to be opened within the same household if they're in different names. As long as the second account is losing, then they'll happily continue to take bets. The problems start if the second account is making money and you try to make a withdrawal. In that case many bookmakers will turn round and claim that this is a proxy account being operated by or on the instructions of someone who already has an account (presumably closed or heavily restricted) with them and so will refuse to pay.

    What's more, if the original account has been closed or heavily restricted, then it's likely the second one will very quickly go the same way.


    • Agree with Trev above.

      Books frown on multiple accounts from the same household/IP address, especially when bonuses & free plays are involved.
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      • yes I have done before trevrizen and fould soon linked so yes will not bother again instead open a few with ones not had saves hassle when withdraw ,,used all big firms but will try some of the new boys ,,,have a good Cheltenham cheers


        • chris what are some of the books you are keen on?


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          William Hill