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  • Marsbet take down my country and my money


    I cant beliave what i see now on mail. I open accaunt on Marsbet some time back...and yasterday they send me my DEPOZIT back becouse they like it to see have new rules,they dont accept any more players from some country....also not from this where i live....and so they take all my winning money down from accaunt,i have there some 600-700€ and send me only my deposit back on Skrill!!!!!!

    I made accaunt there last month in Januar,normall...i choise there my country,also some of my freands from same country bet on this bookie before,was no problem,buth this is unbelievable....now i dont see any more my country in offer for registration...ok,buth why take my winnings money away if before accept players from my country. I didnt make nothing wrong....


    We have blocked youır account due to terms and conditions 2.6.4.

    **2.6.4 ** Marsbet doesn't operate from following countries; Ukrain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Russia, Holland, Germany, France, Latvia, Hungry, Czech Republic, Belarus, Moldovia, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Montenegro. Marsbet reserves all rights to suspend an account opened from those countries as well as deposits and bets placed.

    For that reason we are going to refund your deposit amount total of *** euro to your skrill account.

    We wish you good luck and pleasant day.

    Best Regards.

  • Marsbet are relying on your agreement to their terms and conditions when you opened your account.They should certainly have updated their software to prevent you from opening an account once you told them your country if that country was on their banned list;but sometimes people forget to do these things.Now their excuse for not paying you your winnings is that doing that would constitute doing business with a customer from a banned country. Try doing searches like 'Marsbet bans customers' or 'Marsbet announces ban' to find out whether the ban was there when you opened your account - if it wasn't then they should have told you when the ban came in.Search for reviews of Marsbet and complaints about Marsbet including the words 'country,ban'.If they allowed you to open an account from a banned country,they may have allowed others to do that,and if those people lost then they should have refunded their losses if they denied you your winnings ! Hopefully you will find some information that will put you in a stronger position when you discuss this with Marsbet,or complain to someone else if that doesn't work.


    • It depends on whether Marsbet were accepting registrations from your country at the time when you opened your account. If they were, then they should honour all bets that you placed with them until they notified you that your account had been closed. On the other hand, if your country was on the banned list in their terms and conditions when you registered with them, even if their website didn't block your registration when it should have done so, then I'm afraid that you will only get your deposit back and none of your winnings, as Marsbet will claim that you should have read their terms and conditions before registering. In short you need to find out exactly when Marsbet blocked registrations from your country before taking this any further.


      • I open accaunt in Januar...then was my country still in offer...from some weak back they take it aut,so now its unpossible to make accaunt from my contry....in this time i bet whole time,they simply closed my accaunt and inform me that i will recive deposit back.

        I wrote on supprt abauth this,that i thing its unfear,becouse they accept my country when i made accaunt....and they send me rest of my money on Skrill...so now its all OK,buth for others is one information more this here....


        • Glad to hear it worked out okay for you,TZ ! Marsbet must have realised that you were just a normal customer who hadn't done anything wrong.


          • Yes, glad to hear you got paid in full.


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