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  • NETBET Withdrawl Problems

    Good Evening, I joined NetBet and I've been depositing for a while getting no luck the other day we'll Tuesday I won £1,900 I withdrawled it and waited for a response. I got told I needed to send my passport in to verify my account. So that's what I have done I seem to be getting messed about and no one is getting back to me via email or phone. Been on the phone for 40 minutes plus and it doesn't seem legit. NetBet I enjoy the site but it's causing me stress as no one is getting back to me about my Withdrawl I've done thing wrong and it's unfair. Has anyone been in this situation as I close to taking it public and getting a fraud department to look into it.

  • The closest I've come is with Canbet but that became widely known as they were going bust.


    • If past form is anything to go on, they'll probably pay up in the end, but not before you've been kept waiting unnecessarily. I would email them and tell them that you have complied with their request for ID and if you do not receive your withdrawal in full within five working days, you will make a formal complaint against them to the UK Gambling Commission by whom they are licensed in respect of their UK-based customers.


      • First withdrawal can often be delayed and it's not really that unusual for KYC to take a week or two.

        I would try not to worry too much just yet personally.

        Getting too impatient or upset with the security dept is just as likely to make them more suspicious as it is to hurry them up too.

        What date did they ask for your ID stuff?


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