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NCAAB Betting Predictions

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The Empire Classic begins on Monday night at the Barclays Center in New York as Syracuse, Richmond, St. John’s and Temple will play in it.
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The 2022 Legends Classic NCAAB tips-off today as Michigan, VCU, Pittsburgh and Arizona State look to advance in the mini-tournament.

NCAAB Handicappers

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Bookmakers Review is the Bettor’s Choice for College Basketball Picks, Predictions, and Analysis

If you love college hoops and don’t mind putting your money where your mouth is, then congratulations, you have stumbled upon a little slice of heaven here at our corner of the internet. When the college basketball season gets rolling you know there are dozens upon dozens of games on the weekends and plenty to sate your appetite during the week.

And guess what? Bookmakers Review has write-ups, detailed analysis, and college basketball predictions on virtually all of the games on the board. But the best part is that these NCAAB picks are absolutely free. There is no catch, nothing to buy, and you don’t even need to sign up, although we wish you would so you can chat about your college basketball picks in our forums.

Our college basketball expert picks are derived from our stable of professional handicappers who know the teams, the names, the coaches, and the injury reports. They also know how to consistently win money and they are all here at BMR for your viewing pleasure.

It is important to note that with so many games on the board, the lightly heralded contests get far less attention which means there is often have value on one side or the other. That is why the free college basketball picks you find at BMR span the spectrum of the powerhouse, marquee matchups to the small schools that get little notice from the public, and thus, the oddsmakers.

If you are new to betting on college hoops then allow us to give you a bit of a primer on how to wager when you have decided on your college basketball picks for the day or evening. And remember, the college basketball picks ATS (Against The Spread) you find here are informed, educated, and completely free so make sure to check them out before you send your money into your favorite NCAAB sportsbook.

College Basketball Picks and Parlays

There are many ways to bet college hoops but we will stick to the most popular to get you started. You will find most of the free college basketball picks here at Bookmakers Review are wagers based on betting the side or total of a game.

The “side” refers to the team and all of the college basketball picks tonight, or any night, throughout the season, is predicated on college basketball picks against the spread. The spread, of course, refers to the line the oddsmakers use to level the playing field. If we have one team that is vastly superior to another there needs to be a point spread so there is an incentive to bet the underdog as well as the favorite.

On January 30th, the No. 2 team in the nation and eventual national champion, Baylor, hosted Auburn. The oddsmakers installed the Bears as 14-point favorites which means in order for those betting Baylor in their college basketball picks to “cover” their bet, the Bears would have to win by 15 points or more. Conversely, those betting the Tigers would get a 14-point head start and if they won the game outright or lost by less than 14 points, then those who bet Auburn would win their wager.

When the final buzzer sounded, Baylor defeated Auburn, 84-72, which meant another notch in the win column for Baylor but only those who bet Auburn won their wagers because they lost by 12 but were getting a 14-point head start. Thus, the score in terms of betting this game is Baylor 84 to (72+14) Auburn 86. Betting a team “flat” like this is the most popular way to wager and it is how many of BMR’s handicappers release their free NCAAB picks.

Once in a while, our college basketball expert picks will include a parlay. A parlay is simply putting two or more bets under one umbrella and making it one distinct bet. For instance, on this January 30th slate of games, we could have bet Auburn +14 and Penn State +4 over Wisconsin. Both underdogs covered the spread (Penn State actually won outright, 81-71).

If we bet both teams for $100 each, we would have won $200. However, if we put them in a $100 two-team parlay, we would have won $260. But one thing you need to know is that to win a parlay, all your teams must cover, otherwise you will lose the original bet, in this case, $100. Parlays are fun and the more teams you put in the bigger the payout. But use them wisely and don’t make them a habit. Betting flat is the way the sharp bettors wager, and your NCAA picks today, tomorrow, or whenever should always follow the seasoned pros.

College Basketball Betting Totals

Sometimes you might evaluate a game and have no opinion on either side. That’s not a bad thing because most of your college basketball predictions don’t always need to manifest into a bet. Choose your bets wisely and remember, more is not better, even though you will find a plethora of college basketball predictions and free college basketball picks on our site every day of the week.

Okay, so let’s talk about totals, or commonly referred to as the over/under. Your NCAAB picks today, or the college basketball tonight that you will be betting on is not limited to one side or the other. On each game, you will see a total being offered by the oddsmakers. Simply put, it is their college basketball predictions regarding how many combined points will be scored by both teams when the game is officially over. Don’t forget, this includes overtime if there is one (or more). You can find real-time college basketball odds using the free BMR Odds product. During the off-season, view NCAAB Futures.

In the Baylor/Auburn game we previously discussed, Baylor won, 84-72, which means there was a combined 156 points scored (84+72=156). The total being offered on that game by the oddsmakers was 153 ½ which means those who bet over won the bet because 156 is greater than 153 ½. Those whose college basketball predictions included under 153 ½ in this game obviously lost.

Discuss College Hoops at Bookmakers Review Forum

Okay, so we have told you all about the college basketball predictions by our talented stable of seasoned handicappers, whose college basketball consensus picks are readily available. But what we haven’t discussed is BMR’s college basketball forum.

There are thousands of college hoops fans just like you that log on every day and share their opinions on the games they like and why they like them. It’s always a good thing to get a fresh perspective and if you become involved in our forums you will read a variety of opinions on as many games as you like.

And finally, don’t be afraid to share your opinion on BMR’s forums. We welcome new members and there is always plenty to talk about. So, make sure to sign up and get into the game right here at Bookmakers Review!