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Throughout the NBA season, there is no better site than Bookmakers Review if you want the lowdown on each and every game on that day’s slate of games. Our cadre of expert NBA handicappers provides detailed analysis of the matchups, injury reports, and NBA predictions as to which team will cover the spread and make their readers money.

Unlike other sites, BMR does not charge for these insights because free NBA picks mean exactly that – free NBA picks. There are many sites on the internet that profess to have guaranteed NBA picks and will charge their subscribers through the roof for a service that, put simply, cannot be guaranteed despite their marketing schemes to the contrary.

No, here at Bookmakers Review, we understand that no one has a crystal ball but educated, informed, and knowledgeable opinions are a bettor’s best chance at cashing winners and making money throughout a basketball season.

BMR’s free NBA picks for tonight, and every night, are culled from seasoned handicappers who know the ins and outs of the trade and understand that value can come from the favorite or the underdog. The NBA picks of the day that you will read here at BMR are always NBA picks ATS (Against The Spread).

You see, anyone can predict that a 15-point favorite will win the game but the point spread levels the playing field which is where our team of expert NBA handicappers comes into play. Value is the name of the game and the basketball picks that are printed on the pages of BMR take that heavily into consideration.

Unlike many other sites, Bookmakers Review is not here to sell you anything. Our daily library of NBA picks is free to all and if you want to review the NBA picks in our archives, you are welcome to do so. Remember, the handicappers at BMR deliver their NBA picks with complete transparency and every one of them is available to view before, during, and long after the game is over.

Here at BMR, we don’t run, we don’t hide, and we don’t always win our NBA picks but what we are known for is providing insightful, thoughtful, and informed NBA predictions night after night after night. NBA consensus picks can also be found on our pages and whenever you want NBA today games, we are the place for you to turn – free of charge!


If you are new to betting hoops then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below we will explain some of the basics and also make you aware that for the more sophisticated bettors out there we have tools such as arbitrage calculators, parlay calculators, and odds converters to name just a few. Okay, let’s talk about point spreads!

During the 2021 regular season, the Philadelphia 76ers owned one of the best records in the league while the Houston Rockets plummeted to the bottom of the Western Conference without the services of James Harden.

On February 17th, these teams met in Philadelphia but the line was not as high as you might expect because Joel Embiid was entering the game with back soreness while Ben Simmons, one of the 76ers superstars, was held out of the game due to illness.

The point spread was Philadelphia -8 ½ which simply means, the 76ers needed to win by nine points or more to “cover” the spread. In other words, because this is a mismatch, the Rockets got an 8 ½ point head start so when the game ended in a 118-113 Philadelphia victory, all those who included Houston in their NBA picks won their wagers while those who bet the favored 76ers lost their bets because they only won the game by five points.

NBA Moneylines

A less popular way to make your NBA picks is using the moneyline. If we use the example above, we can bet which team will win the game without using the point spread. Okay, so we know everyone would bet the 76ers if all things were equal.

But alas, they are not because the bookies need to level the playing field and how they do this is by making it much more expensive to bet Philadelphia while handsomely rewarding those brave enough to bet the Rockets to win outright.

In this game, the NBA moneyline odds had the following: Philadelphia -370/Houston +300. Simply put, if you wanted to bet Philadelphia you would have to risk $370 to win $100. If you wanted to bet Houston you would risk $100 to win $300.

As you can see, these moneyline odds are based on $100 wagers but can be broken down to any amount. Moneylines are always based on $100 increments with the number next to the favorite being how much you must risk in order to win $100 while the number next to the underdog is what betting $100 will earn you.

NBA Totals

Finally, we often see many of our handicappers include totals, commonly known as the over/under in the sports betting vernacular, in their free NBA picks. A total is simply a number put out by the bookmakers for their customers to bet over or under the combined points scored when the game is finished, including overtime(s) if there is one.

If we use the above example with the Houston vs. Philadelphia game on February 17th, 2021 we see that many of the best online sportsbooks closed with a total of 227 on this game. The final score, as previously stated, was 118-113, and if we add those two numbers together, we get the sum of 231 which is greater than the 227 total set by the books. That means all of those who included over 227 in their NBA picks would have won while those who wagered under would have lost.

NBA Picks and Parlays

Our expert NBA handicappers don’t only offer NBA picks against the spread, totals, and moneylines as flat wagers but will, from time to time, include a parlay. Simply put, a parlay is like a sandwich where each bet fits between the bread like a slice of salami, cheese, mustard, and how ever many other ingredients you want to include. The more ingredients (individual bets) the bigger the sandwich – or in this case, the payout.

So, let’s assume you include in your NBA picks, Boston -4 in one game and Cleveland +7 in another. Those are two distinct bets. If you were to bet each one for $100, that would give you three possible outcomes (assuming there were no ties, aka pushes).

Scenario 1: Both teams cover the spread which means you would win $200.

Scenario 2: One team covers (+$100) and one team loses (-$110) which means a $10 loss

Scenario 3: Both teams fail to cover the spread which means you would lose $220

However, if you bet a parlay that means you are including both bets under the umbrella of a parlay bet. Here are the rules of a parlay.

– Both teams must cover for the parlay to pay off.

– If both teams cover in a $100 two-team parlay the payoff is $260 versus $200 if they were bet individually.

– If one team covers and the other fails to cover the bettor will lose $100 versus -$10 if they were bet individually.

– If both teams fail to cover the parlay will still lose only $100 versus -$220 if they were bet individually.

– A push and a win reverts to a flat bet and the bettor will win $100.

– A push and a loss reverts to a flat bet and the bettor will lose $110.

– A push and a push will be no action and the initial wager is returned to the bettor.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to parlays but the general consensus is to stick to making flat bets and following the advice of our expert NBA cappers.

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There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained at Bookmaker Review’s NBA Basketball Picks site but it is not limited solely to our NBA expert picks. We should point out that BMR’s NBA Forum is also an opportunity for basketball fans and bettors to discuss the latest topics, breaking news, and of course, offer their NBA predictions for that evening’s slate of games. Opinions on a range of topics are shared in our community and we welcome you to be part of it.

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As always here at Bookmakers Review, there is no charge to sign up, so become a member of our community, enjoy the wealth of knowledge provided by the cappers we employ to deliver their free NBA picks, and hopefully, you will share a basketball pick yourself. But even if you choose only to lurk on the forums, it is completely fine because we welcome everyone.

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