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Odds for the International Friendlies & Soccer Exhibition Lines

In today's guide, we'll dive deeper into the markets available at online sportsbooks and the betting odds surrounding international friendlies. With a general overview of these soccer betting lines, topics discussing these betting markets will assist you in making informed wagering decisions without feeling lost or helpless.

What the International Friendlies Are

International Friendlies, also known as an "exhibition match," are sanctioned soccer fixtures between two national teams. While the "international friendly" doesn't have anything at stake, per se, these results are still considered in national rankings and international caps for the players involved.

The Purpose of International Friendlies

A friendly game is a perfect opportunity for head coaches like England's Gareth Southgate and Argentina's Lionel Scaloni to experiment with squad selections, tactics and team formation before an official major tournament. These competitive matches can also give coaches a broader view regarding the abilities of players, thus making an informed decision on first team members for official matches in the future.

Reading Friendly International Betting Odds

As the world's most popular sport, entering the diverse soccer betting markets for the first time can be exciting. However, before diving headfirst into the ocean of International Friendly betting odds, you must first understand the finer details – starting with how to read soccer betting lines.

There are three odds formats for International Friendly betting markets, and they are American, decimal, and fractional. Below is an explanation of each format and an example of how the most approached format works.

American Odds Explained (+100)

American odds have a baseline value of $100, strictly for the purpose of reading the odds and how they're displayed. This baseline doesn't reflect a minimum or maximum amount of money you can stake.

Betting favorites (the team oddsmakers expect to win) have a minus (-) symbol next to a number, and the number shown is the amount you'll need to bet to win $100 (baseline). So, if you see odds of -130, a $130 stake would return $100 in profit (and your initial stake).

Oppositely, you have the betting underdog (the team oddsmakers expect to lose). Underdogs have a (+) symbol, and the number shows how much a bettor will win from a $100 stake (baseline). So, if the odds are +260, a $100 stake would return $260 (and your initial stake).

Our explanations reference moneyline (team to win or lose), but the rules for reading odds and how they work translate to all betting markets.

Decimal Odds Explained (2.00)

The decimal odds format displays one number and is the amount you’d profit from a $1 bet. It ties in your initial stake to avoid confusion with the payout calculation. If you have decimal odds that read 2.00, a winning bet will return $2 (The $1 profit and your $1 stake).

Decimal odds between 1.00 and 1.99 are favorites, 2.00 is evens, and anything 2.01 or above is classed as an underdog.

Fractional Odds Explained (1/1)

Fractional odds display two numbers separated with a forward slash. The number on the left shows a bettor how much is won, and the number on the right indicates how much stake is required. If you look at odds of 1/5, every $5 staked will return $1 of profit (including your initial stake).

Betting favorites are found when the number on the right exceeds the number on the left. Even odds are displayed as 1/1; an underdog wager is when the left-sided number is higher than the right (5/1).

International Friendly Betting Odds Betting Example:

Most offshore sportsbooks will set your odds format to American by default (they can be changed in settings). Below is an example International Friendly wager using American odds in a moneyline wager situation:

  • Betting the favorite:

If the United States is the betting favorite with a moneyline price of -150. Bettors staking $150 would win $100. Your initial $100 stake is returned if the wager wins.

  • Betting the underdog:

If Mexico is the betting underdog with a moneyline price of +220. Bettors staking $100 would profit $220. Your initial $100 stake is returned with winning selections.

Using International Friendly Soccer Picks

Soccer betting lines are excellent betting options for upcoming games within International Friendly markets. But they shouldn't use a "get rich quick" method, because this isn't the case. Most professional handicappers are wagering behind years of betting experience and, in some cases, a high level of knowledge of the sport.

Beginners can utilize the advice of soccer analysts to use International Friendly soccer picks, or they can implement them into their own wagering portfolio that should already consist of strict bankroll management, regular studying of the markets, and a broad knowledge of betting on soccer.

How to Place International Friendlies Bets

Top-rated online sportsbooks will provide betting markets on International Friendly bets. Whether you're looking for three-way moneyline soccer betting lines, two-way moneyline wagers, or any other bet type, you must first create a sportsbook account with one of the reputable and trustworthy sportsbook operators.

Three simple steps to placing an International Friendly bet:

  1. Find a reputable sportsbook, locate the "register" or "join button," complete the registration form and confirm the account through an activation link sent to your email.
  2. Once your accounts have been activated, you must fund them with real money. Head to the cashier section of your sportsbook, select a payment method (and a welcome bonus promo code), and deposit.
  3. You're now ready to place your first wager. Find the International Friendly markets; they can be located by selecting the soccer tab in your sportsbook and scrolling to the international matches. Find a bet you want to place, enter your stake, and confirm the bet. Cheer on your wager and watch your bankroll grow – should it win.

General Betting Tips

International Friendly betting odds and the abilities of players can be difficult to predict as they're exhibition games without much consequence. So, it's important to implement a betting strategy before wagering on these types of games.

Here are a few simple rules and strategies you can follow to assist your Ligue 1 betting journey:

  • Research - study the markets, games, teams and trends. Know who the key players are and if they will be playing on match day. 
  • Avoid betting favorites only; it can be detrimental to long-term profits.
  • Always shop for the best soccer betting lines on each bet you're interested in.
  • Consistent bettors lose, but smart bettors never chase losses.
  • Implement bankroll management into your handicapping strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions About the International Friendlies

How do I place a parlay bet on International Friendly Matches?

When you add multiple Friendly International betting selections, such as prop bets, to your sportsbook, they will automatically be converted into a parlay, reflected in the odds boast displayed on the betting ticket. Ensure when you enter your stake, it's in the parlay section of your betting slip.

What are the substitution rules for the International Friendlies?

Most international-friendly fixtures allow each team a maximum of six substitutions.

How many keepers do teams bring to International Friendlies?

Three goalkeepers are brought to international friendlies. For each of the friendly matches, one keeper will start, and one or two will sit on the bench. This is so the starting keeping can always be replaced should an injury occur.

How old do I have to be to be on the International Friendlies?

Most top-rated sportsbooks require customers to be at least 21 years old to register an account and begin placing wagers legally. There are a few exceptions where a sportsbook may accept 18 years of age or older.

Is betting on the International Friendlies with an online sportsbook or mobile betting app safe?

So long as you use bookmaker review sites like ours and ensure the operator you are using is a reputable and trustworthy brand, betting on International Friendly fixtures is entirely safe.