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Our team of expert handicappers at Bookmakers Review work tirelessly to provide the best sports picks, every day. We cover all major sports including the NFL, NBA, MLB and more. Our handicappers use their extensive knowledge and experience to analyze team and player stats and provide their best picks to help you win.


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Sometimes it’s hard to take a look at betting trends and sports betting odds and just make a choice. Our experts offer daily sports picks all year long to help you be a more successful bettor, and unlike other picks sites, our picks and predictions are completely free.

Expert Picks Live Here!

Bookmakers Review’s (BMR) stable of handicappers are some of the leading experts with a proven track record of success handicapping mainstream sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football and basketball, UFC, Golf, Tennis, horse racing and so on.

Our cappers may be spread across North America, the UK, Europe, South America and elsewhere, but they hone their craft every day on the very pages of this site to give sports bettors unparalleled access to free betting insight and betting picks into their areas of expertise. Those encompass American football, soccer, basketball, hockey, politics, esports, UFC and much, much more.

Sports Betting 24/7, 365 Days

The sports calendar covers 365 days of the year. There’s hardly a day that passes without a sporting event on the betting card. In simple terms, there’s no holiday in sports betting, it is always game time. And by extension, free sports betting picks are on tap year-round, thanks to our dedicated stable of expert cappers that are committed to bringing cutting-edge free sports picks every single day of the year.

If you haven’t already bookmarked BMR, what are you waiting for? A world of ongoing sports betting action along with free betting picks is at your fingertips. Just a mere mouse-click away via a myriad of articles, reports, videos and podcasts.

Make Smart Sports Bets With Our Free Picks

BMR’s expert cappers submit a sports prediction daily, be it for the marquee games of the week in any given sport or even the lesser publicized games. In fact, often, it’s the games that garner the least attention and float under the radar that prove to be the best bets to spot.

Where the big games of the week are concerned though, there’s ample coverage with a litany of exclusive articles, videos and podcast discussions from various different cappers, all taking a turn breaking down the matchup in question and serving up their choice free expert sports picks. The sheer volume of coverage and insight into the handicapping process provided combined form an enviable resource that bettors can tap into before placing their wagers.

At Bookmakers Review we believe that transparency builds trust. As such, we track handicappers’ records, thereby ensuring that we continue to work with the best of the best in the business and truly uphold our mandate to provide the best free expert picks in the industry for all game bettors.

Free Picks: No Gimmicks, No Tricks

Most importantly, Bookmakers Review doesn’t sell sports picks for profit. Sports bettors can rest assured that we will always offer completely free picks, even on the biggest games.

Our sports picks are complimentary and part of a wider bespoke service to the wider betting community that includes providing comprehensive reviews of thousands of sportsbooks, delivering the latest industry news and developments and offering betting odds comparison services, expert betting guides, a lively discussion forum, contests and multiple betting tools such as odds calculators and converters.

Expert Sports Betting Picks For All Major Sports

Mainstream sports such as the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, Soccer and NHL have pride of place. However, niche sports such as Tennis, Golf and Horse Racing and growing sports betting markets such as UFC and esports and entertainment and politics betting live here too. Simply put, there’s something for everyone at BMR.

There’s no shortage of free sports picks to capitalize on where mainstream sports are concerned. NFL free picks are amongst the most sought after along with NBA free picks, but MLB picks, college football and college basketball picks also garner a lot of attention.

Our expert handicappers are disrupters in the industry. They analyze statistics, data, performance and betting trends diligently to not only serve up the best free sports picks daily but they also deliver comprehensive reasoning for each free pick, all the while comparing odds from top-rated offshore sportsbooks.

NFL and NCAAF Predictions & Picks

NFL is the cash cow of the sports betting industry, no ifs or buts about it. Whereas the National Football League is America’s game, the NFL flies the American flag around the world. It’s not only the most viewed and followed American sport but also the most bet-on sports league. These factors are what makes betting on the NFL a big deal and the demand for expert NFL betting picks so great.

At BMR. football betting tips are the most sought-after, especially picks against the spread. Every single NFL game over the course of any given NFL season is covered in extensive detail via game-by-game SU, ATS and Total betting previews for the entire week’s betting slate to individual game previews supplied by NFL expert cappers offering up their recommended best bets.

However, the buck doesn’t stop there. Bettors are embarrassed for choice with a smorgasbord of sports handicappers’ free picks to consider, spanning Fantasy Football player props to parlays, last-chance value picks and bookie busters. Weekly NFL betting guides and cheat sheets are also on hand to set up the week’s NFL betting card, replete with early free pick analysis and previews. Included in those articles (as well as others) is everything from match info, stats, trends, injury reports and TV broadcast info. The NBA and college sports leagues like the NCAAB and NCAAF are covered in a similar comprehensive fashion with particular attention to detail.

NBA and NCAAB Free Picks & Predictions

Where NBA betting previews and picks are concerned, bettors will find daily NBA picks covering the marquee games of the day’s NBA betting card or games that promise the best value in the eyes of our 1 ranked basketball capper. As well, the NBA’s daily free pick offering includes expert picks for select matches, including picks against the spread, best bets in moneyline or total betting markets and sports free NBA play of the day.

Over and above the common types of bets — picks against the spread, moneyline best bets and totals picks — our expert cappers serve up parlays of the day to spot in NBA and NCAAB — with the latter representing some of the most on-demand best bets in the betting community.

MLB, NHL and Other Sports Picks and Predictions

Bettors will also find robust coverage of MLB picks and NHL picks each and every day of the season complete with free picks. All regular season, you can find daily picks, covering the various kinds of bets available with each sport, including run lines and puck lines, respectively.

Soccer Sports Picks and Predictions

Soccer, also known as “the beautiful game” worldwide is a sport with arguably the greatest global reach. Millions of people play soccer around the world and follow the major soccer leagues of Europe. It follows that soccer free pick articles are amongst the most frequently searched online.

Naturally, at BMR, we have some of the best soccer cappers in the business on tap, providing discerning soccer betting articles and picks and sharing their insight via podcasts and live soccer betting shows on a daily basis. There’s always a wide range of soccer content for bettors to sink their teeth into with their picks.

Our specialists are dotted around the world, in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Romania, Argentina and the USA. Among our ranks delivering sports betting tips are some professional footballers who have hanged up their cleats, bringing incomparable knowledge and experience of the game to the table. That said, in general, our soccer cappers are amongst the best in the industry. They offer free sports expert previews complete with free picks, parlays of the day, and futures predictions encompassing a variety of the top soccer leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA Euro Cup, FIFA World Cup, and more.

How can I stay updated with BMR’s betting predictions?

In sports betting, having a finger on the pulse of the action plays a part in a successful betting experience. BMR is the ultimate source of all things sports betting and staying abreast of all the action with BMR will help bettors finetune their wagers.

The best way for any sports fan to stay abreast of any developments, news, betting articles and tips, is to check regularly with BMR. Bookmarking the site is one way to accomplish the feat. Another way to stay in the loop is to follow BMR’s Twitter. Nowadays, there’s no faster way of getting breaking news, updates and reports than via social media.

Sports Betting Picks FAQ

What are picks in sports betting?

Picks offer advice to game bettors who are not sure what to make of the sports betting odds. Picks are like predictions and help players by informing them what betting lines are likely to be profitable.

Why is it called pick?

In this context, pick is another term for selection. These expert game bettors are telling you who they “pick” to win.

How do you read bet picks?

When reading sports betting odds, a negative number means a higher profit. When reading picks, remember that negative numbers mean that cappers believe a particular outcome is more likely.

Are sports picks worth buying?

There are tons of picks sites across the web to choose from and some of them charge. You can get the same information and expertise for free from other great sources, like BMR.

How often do the best sports bettors win?

The best sports bettors have a record of placing winning wagers a little over 50% of the time; however, bettors can rarely sustain an average win percentage above 55%.