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Our expert NHL picks are just what you need to dominate the bookies. Our experienced analysts use advanced data analysis and expert knowledge to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date picks. From the latest match stats to in-depth research, we bring you the best tips to help you win big.

NHL Computer Pick
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Golden Knights -134 FLA vs. VGK
-134 ODDS
$100 WAGER
$74.63 PAYOUT


Bookmakers Review
NHL +1

Golden Knights -134

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Bookmakers Review has been a longstanding source for hockey fans to obtain information on expert NHL picks and offshore sportsbooks that offer hockey betting markets. If you’re a sports bettor who’s ready for this hockey season, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you want to bet on the Tampa Bay Lightning or Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup, or another team to be champion or perhaps you have a certain match in mind that you wish to wager on. Regardless, our team of analysts is here to bring you a comprehensive guide to NHL picks. We will cover their importance in NHL betting, the different kinds of picks available and how you can use our free NHL picks to your advantage. 

What are NHL picks and why are they central to NHL betting?

NHL picks are hockey predictions made by sports analysts or experts on the possible result of a particular NHL game. Multiple factors go into forming these hockey predictions, including team statistics, player performance, weather conditions, injuries and other elements that can influence a match’s outcome. Bettors can use these predictions to inform their betting decisions and place wagers on the team they believe will achieve victory.

The National Hockey League is a highly competitive league, and even the most experienced bettors can find it challenging to accurately predict match results. NHL picks can aid bettors in making educated choices and increase the likelihood of winning. These picks are designed to supply bettors with an advantage over bookmakers who set the betting odds for NHL games. By using NHL picks throughout the regular season, bettors can make more confident wagers, minimize the potential for losses and receive higher payouts.

What are the available kinds of NHL picks that hockey fans can use?

There are multiple types of NHL picks that hockey fans can utilize. 

Moneyline Picks

Moneyline picks are the most common form of NHL picks. These picks forecast which team will win the game outright. Moneyline picks are typically easier to comprehend and implement, making them a suitable option for inexperienced bettors.

Puck line Picks

Puck line picks are similar to moneyline picks, but they come with a point spread. The point spread is usually set at +/-1.5 goals, meaning that the favored team must win by two or more goals, while the underdog must either win the game or lose by one goal.

Over/Under Picks

Over/under picks, also known as totals picks, are based on the total number of goals scored in the match. Betting odds can also play a part in influencing these picks. Bettors can decide if they feel the total number of goals scored in the game will be over or under an online betting site’s set number.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are NHL picks that are unrelated to a match’s final result. Instead, they are based on an individual player or team performance, such as the number of goals scored, assists made or shots on goal.

How can using NHL picks help you receive higher payouts?

Using NHL picks can help you receive higher payouts because they provide valuable data and observations that can increase your chances of successful betting. Here are some ways that NHL picks can be beneficial:

  1. Expert Analysis: Experts create NHL picks, and they carry years of experience in analyzing hockey games under their belts. They use advanced statistical models, as well as their own knowledge of the game and the teams, to make their predictions. By listening to their expertise, you are increasing your chances of cashing out big. They also offer valuable insights into the games on the hockey schedule that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. 
  2. Reduce Risk: NHL picks can also help you reduce your risk when placing bets. By following the suggestions and betting tips of experts, you are less likely to make mistakes that could cost you money. Instead, you can rely on their analysis to make informed decisions about which teams to bet on.
  3. Increase Payouts: Finally, using NHL picks can help you increase your payouts. When you wager on a team that analysts anticipate will achieve victory, the payout will be lower than if you bet on an underdog. However, the underdog may have a higher chance of winning than you originally considered. By following NHL picks, you can identify potential disruptions to your success and place bets on teams with increased payouts.

It’s worth noting that it is important to take into account betting trends. Not just if you plan on betting on the Stanley Cup or some of the biggest games and events in the NHL, but for every wager you may place with a hockey schedule in hand. Assessing the current betting lines is also an important aspect of setting yourself up for success. 

 FAQs – NHL Picks

What are NHL picks?

When betting on the National Hockey League, it is important to factor in NHL picks, which are hockey picks that are suggestions made by analysts and experts on who the victor is going to be in a certain game or match. 

What is the best bet in hockey?

No bet is superior to another. The best bet in hockey will depend on a variety of factors such as a bettor’s preferences, which teams are competing against each other, betting strategy and more. 

Is NHL easy to predict?

Making hockey predictions, as with any other sport, can be difficult. Analysts and experts use a variety of data to make NHL picks, but there are still many other factors that can influence the result of a match.

What are the different types of NHL picks available to bettors?

The most popular forms of NHL picks are moneylines, puck lines, over/unders and prop picks. 

Can bettors use NHL picks for parlay betting?

Yes, bettors can use NHL betting picks for parlay wagers.