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    Parimatch = scam = black list

    Another loser book posting fake reviews.
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    Justbet now only allows 15k withdrawals per day

    They have a daily and weekly limit. Don't know off hand what they are for everyone, but just because the daily limit is 15k, that doesn't mean you can withdraw 15k X 7 in a week.
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    NitrogenSports 10k confiscation

    I still hope that BMR will take this further.
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    Easy math question

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    Easy math question

    You can simply add/subtract odds like that. It doesn't work that way. You need to convert the odds to probabilities, do the probability arithmetic, and then convert back to odds. I'm not doing that math for you because I'm confident it won't work in your favor.
  6. DontTailMe won't pay me (formerly intertops)

    Sure, I get it. But I've been dealing with these things for a long time. I don't let this shit get to me because the constant stress would make my life miserable. If they're trying to stall payment, just be satisfied knowing that you're not going to wager that money and let them win. Be patient...
  7. DontTailMe won't pay me (formerly intertops)

    Why wouldn't you just give them what they want? It may seem like a game, but they do pay. If you refuse to cooperate, you are only cheating yourself.
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    Bitcoin up about 16% in the last 24 hrs

    As others have mentioned, some books are super fast so it doesn't matter much. But in general, I do try to refrain from withdrawing funds when the market is volatile.
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    1xbit scam stole me 25,000€

    Huh? What's going on here?
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    Question about betting from different state + verification procedure

    You have to agree to install their software on your computer.
  11. DontTailMe - Large balance owed to me, account frozen

    Stopped how long ago? Anyways, I wish you the best, but the reality is they haven't been paying anyone for a while now. I'd love to see YBOI respond to your claim though, since it's above and beyond simply not paying you. If they're going to make accusations, they need to provide details and...
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    NitrogenSports 10k confiscation

    Well, this is opening a can of worms. BMR, if you're listening, we really need nitrogen to address OP's friend's account and how it does or does not relate to U.S. players, assuming they file a complaint. I'm feeling very insecure about funds I currently have locked up there.
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    NitrogenSports 10k confiscation

    Good. I hope they do file. Let them not answer the pertinent details. At least then it's out in the open.
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    Bookmaker - Payout and BetPoints PLAYERS BEWARE

    You can believe what you want, but they have this covered in their rules. This is what you agreed to by playing there.