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    Tropical Depression 9 to Possibly Hit Florida Next Week

    Please, everyone stay safe!
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    BMR Pool Pick'em Pool Contest: Year-to-Date Leaderboard 🏆

    Henry is a follower from our Social Media, Bubbles. Remember we are also promoting our contest through our social media platforms. Hopefully he finds his way in this great community! :)
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    Forum Shoutouts (9/23) 🌟

    This is all we need Bob! :cheers: We need to follow Franklee as our model :cool:
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    Forum Shoutouts (9/23) 🌟

    Thank you for the good vibes Le and have a great weekend everyone. :cheers:
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    Thursday Night SOD POD Poker Event #2

    Congrats winners! :bowdown:
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    BMR Pool Pick'em Pool Contest: Year-to-Date Leaderboard 🏆

    Year-to-Date Leaderboard Standings after Week 2. :cheers: A great motivation why you should keep winning.💸💲💰 Rank Entry Name Pts Pos Pts W L Status 1 Henry Ettinger 45 493 10 4 Verified 2 Enikk 42 490 11 3 Verified 4 Hunch 41 489 10 4 Verified 4 mike1234 41 489 10 4 Verified 6...
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    Came over from across the street to say hi

    Welcome aboard, cobrakai! :cheers:
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    Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard Trial

    "Rich is separated from her husband and is divorcing him"- as long as he is not the cause why the lawyers relationship with her husband failed, then go.
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    Le's NFL Week 3 Picks

    My the gambling Gods be with you, Le! Good luck. :cheers:
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    BMR NFL Pick’em Pool - Week 2 Result🏆

    Yes, 2th9s. Week 2 prizes are still pending, though rest assured it will be process soon.
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    Congrats Hawk! :bowdown:
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    the Stooges of Degeneracy, TNF LIVE Podcast - Lets Hang!!

    Thanks for the weekly great show guys! :cheers:
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    Special Promo: BMR Baller Deposit Match Up to $100!

    Congrats and enjoy the bonus, Hawk! :cheers:
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    MinnesotaFats - Tell Us About The Parkland City Judge 🙂

    When God blessed the humanity with beauty and talent, looks this judge took them all lol
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    Le i got something for your next vid to wear

    Nothing can beat the blue color.