How to Bet the USFL

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Woody Brandom of the New Jersey Generals. Image taken from USFL’s official Facebook page.

Football fans, don’t adjust your dials. The USFL logo that you keep seeing isn’t a glitch. It’s a sign that there will be spring football again in 2022.

The USFL’s first matchup kicked off on April 16, and the season will continue through July 3.

Sports bettors can also use it to continue their hot streak after the Super Bowl. They can gamble on eight teams for ten games and then have a brief postseason.

Introduction to the USFL

This current revival of the USFL is intended to succeed where other non-NFL Leagues have failed (see: WFL and XFL1-2) and will limit the number and players of teams and games.

There is still time to learn more about the league, its players and coaches, and how the oddsmakers see this competition unfolding.

We have broken down the USFL’s upcoming season and provided a breakdown of the USFL.

With a new league, you could always try a new sportsbook out and see if you like it! Good luck and win big!

What Is the USFL?

The United States Football League (USFL), a professional football league, is owned by Fox Sports. It started playing a ten-week season on April 16, 2022.

Daryl “Moose” Johnston will be the Executive Vice President of Football Operations. The USFL will not be trying to compete with the NFL.

It will instead serve as a developmental league to help develop talented young players who may not yet be ready to play in the Big Leagues but could if they were given more coaching and time.

The USFL is considered “Spring Football” and will be played while the NFL is still in its offseason. However, the oddsmakers have already begun to predict the future and released their odds.

Where To Bet on USFL?

The oddsmakers have already begun to choose their USFL favorites and underdogs.

Still, it’s primarily based on speculation and statistical predictions since these players and coaches, and teams are relatively unproven so far.

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Be sure to also check out our predictions article on USFL futures and weekly game previews that break down each matchup so you can get a better idea of which team has the best chance to win the game.

USFL 2022 Teams and Divisions

There are eight teams in the USFL, and they are split into two divisions

  • The North Division
  • The South Division

Although they are all currently based out of Birmingham, Alabama, the teams represent a nominal area where their fans are expected to emerge.

Each of these eight teams revived the name and colors of teams from the 1980s version of the USFL, a situation that was allowable since the original trademarks had been abandoned when the current league acquired them as their own.

USFL 2022 Players Selection

Each of the eight USFL teams is permitted to maintain a 38-man active roster and a 7-man practice squad.

These players were acquired via a draft over two days – February 22 and 23 – with each of the rounds dedicated to specific players to better divide the available talent pool between all eight teams.

In terms of age, the USFL allows any player to be eligible if they’ve graduated from high school in 2020 or earlier so that, in theory, a player can opt out of college after two years and join the USFL.

Who Are the Coaches in USFL?

The USFL will serve as a bit of a developmental league for head coaches and staff, and some of these men are most likely using this opportunity to showcase their leadership and game planning skills for NFL owners to see.

Here are the eight new USFL head coaches who will be vying for the championship in 2022, a list that includes such NFL luminaries as Todd Haley and Jeff Fisher, as well as some known college-level names, including Skip Holtz and Larry Fedora. 

USFL 2022 Schedule

The USFL regular season will run for ten weeks, from Saturday, April 16 through Sunday, June 19, with two games played on Saturdays and two on Sundays throughout the schedule.

The best two teams from each division will square off on Saturday, June 25, and the winners of those two matchups will play for the USFL championship on July 3, 2022.

Don’t forget to check out our game preview for each week of action!

USFL 2022 Salary

The coaches and players in the USFL will make relatively good money for their work, though it pales in comparison to the multi-million dollar contracts of the NFL.

Active Roster Players:

  • $45,000 for the 10-game season
  • $4,500 per game

Practice Squad Players:

  • $15,000 for the 10-game season
  • $1,500 per game.

On top of that base salary, players will also receive an $850 bonus for every win, and the winning players on the championship team will receive a $10,000 prize.

Another USFL bonus will be that players and staff will be eligible to receive a “tuition-free and debt-free” college degree thanks to a partnership with Strategic Education’s Capella University and Strayer University.

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