How to Bet on UFC Fights

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Introduction to UFC Betting

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing combat sport on the planet. Notably, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – Who’s boasted an enormous revenue from stars such as Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal, Jon Jones and many more. Their expediential growth for a company is impressive with just twenty-seven years in the business. This is evidence that martial arts will compete with its predecessor in the sport of boxing within the next decade.

Alongside the world’s most popular sports, shortly follows the sports betting empire. Las Vegas casinos and sportsbook are a billion-dollar industry, and a UFC event is never alone from this perspective. UFC wagering has become a part of the culture. And if you’re struggling to understand how to bet on UFC fights, look no further, as here at Bookmakers Review, we can guide you down the right path before placing your first UFC wager.

How to Understand the UFC Odds

The most important aspect of MMA wagering is first to understand how the odds work. Of course, seasoned gamblers should already be familiar with available odds and how betting lines work. But those who are new to sports gambling and irregular bettors may need a refresher. 

For the example below, we will use the American odds format, which is the commonly used method for the United States of America. In a hypothetical situation, we will use a heavyweight championship fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou to explain how the UFC odds work. 

Jon Jones is priced at +150. A $100 stake on Jon Jones at these odds would return $150 profit, including your original stake of $100. Odds with a + sign are known as underdogs. 

Francis Ngannou is priced at -150. This would require a $150 stake to return a profit of $100. Odds with the – sign are known as favourites. 

Implied Probability and Line Value Explained

Implied probability is when the betting odds are converted into a percentage. These percentages take the bookmakers margin into account to express the expected probability of an outcome occurring. Whether the odds format is American, decimal, or fractional, the implied probability percentage will remain the same. 

When flipping a coin, the probability is 50% on heads or tails because there are only two outcomes. Sports betting and UFC become implied because of the multiple variables surrounded the event or matchup. 

Sports handicappers use implied probability to understand how the price reflects the outcome. However, high implied probabilities of 80% and above still have a 20% chance of losing because these readings aren’t a definite result. 

When deciding whether the odds and probability suit the bet you are playing, you should always do the same research as the bookmakers. This is how underdog bettors can find an edge over the bookmaker and profit with larger margins by simply giving a higher implied probability to their side through various techniques. These techniques fall under multiple categories for each selected sport; the most common for MMA wagering are statistical comparisons, weight cutting, fighter analytics, plus many more. 

Shopping for Your UFC Odds

Before placing an online UFC wager, it’s imperative to shop for your odds, and luckily for bettors, websites like ours (Bookmakers Review) complete all the hard, so you don’t have to. Finding the best available value can be a struggle with so many different bookmakers to choose from, but have no fear, as BMR delivers the most trustworthy books while giving you a preview of the best value for your money. See our odds comparison page for the best bookmakers and most excellent valued odds.

Placing Your UFC Bet 

Now the hard part is over; you can take your dedicated research, highest value odds, and gained experience to the bookmaker and place your wager. 

Depending on your betting method of choice, you now need to decide how much money you’re going to risk. Taking control of your bankroll and spreading your risk between an entire betting season should be second to none. 

Odds & Bet Selection – Once you’ve found the bet you want to place, simply open up the UFC/MMA tab on your trusted bookmaker and select the bet you wish to place. Enter your risk amount (or stake) and confirm.  And if your UFC research has paid off, sit back and relax until the event is concluded and your profits are paid out.