Top 5 Sports Handicapping Lessons From 2022

Another year has nearly passed and it is time to reflect upon the year that was, considering what sports-handicapping lessons we have learned along the way. Let’s talk about the highs and the lows of sports betting and why we have to always bet with our heads and not over it. 1. Home Dogs Bite

The Most Profitable Soccer Player Props and How to Bet Them

As the most watched sport on the planet, it’s no surprise that soccer betting is also the most sought-after market for avid sports bettors. However, while the masses often flock to moneyline, spread, and over/under markets, one of the most profitable betting avenues in soccer is overlooked, the player proposition bets! Player props give soccer

The Top 20 PGA Tour Golf Tournaments Every Fan Should Bet On

Here at the BMR Blog, we look at the Top 20 PGA Tour Golf Tournaments every fan should bet on. This guide to the Top 20 PGA Tour Golf Tournaments to bet on, is a whistle-stop insight into the player type who thrives at each track, which will be a useful reference and starting point

5 Stats to Handicap Better During Second Half of NFL Season

This has been one of the greatest NFL betting seasons of all time. Now that the doors to the gambling arena have been thrown wide open, the market behind those gates is bursting at the seams with new bettors, most of them looking for a fun way to zazz up their football, nothing serious, just

What is Baccarat, How to Play and Can You Win Money?

Baccarat is a fun card game full of excitement and surprise where you play against the house whether that is at a live casino or one of BMR’s online betting sites and casinos. The Dealer represents the house, and don’t be fooled by James Bond, as it’s a simple game to learn. How Do You