Betway Sportsbook Inks Multi-Year Partnership With Dallas Mavericks

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A general view of the American Airlines Center during a Thunder-Mavericks game. Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP

Betway Sportsbook will never be criticized for not looking far down the road to improve their business. On Friday, it was announced that the sportsbook had signed a multi-year partnership deal with the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks in a Texas market that seems far from the legalization of sports betting for their state.

Betway’s foray into the NBA team-partnership realm is not a new thing. The company currently boasts similar deals with the Golden State Warriors, the LA Clippers, the Chicago Bulls, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Mavericks join the Warriors and the Clippers as teams aligned with sportsbook partners even though legal sports betting hasn’t yet been legalized in their home state.

Ryan Mackey, Dallas Mavericks SVP of Corporate Sponsorships, said: “Betway has been a phenomenal partner from the beginning, working with us to navigate this industry in a state where there are still many uncertainties yet the potential for massive growth. We look forward to providing tremendous value to both Betway and our fans.”

The Deal

Betway, despite not being able to offer real-money gambling options or promotions on Mavericks wagering, will become an exclusive free-to-play partner of the NBA club. That means the sports betting provider gains some exposure, sponsoring a prediction game that is likely to become a huge hit with Mavericks fans.

The deal will also see a slew of Betway branded signage appearing in and around the home of the NBA team, the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Signage will be seen by visitors to the venue in key locations and will sneak into Mavericks broadcasting channels, on TV, radio, and internet-based outlets.


As with every one of the sports betting provider/team partnership deals, everybody wins, from the operators to the pro club to the team’s fans. Fans in particular are generally afforded the opportunity to enhance their viewing experience through betting, whether its free-to-play of real money gaming.

For Betway, the partnership is simply an exposure play. As a relatively new provider in the US scene, Betway has some catching up to do with regard to getting their name out there to the general public. Aligning with the Mavericks also gives Betway an early head start for the possibility of legal sports betting one day coming to the state of Texas.

For the team, they gain valuable experience about the benefits and potential pitfalls of a sports betting operator partnership deal. For the fans, they get a fun, free-to-play prediction game that enhances the Mavericks’ overall experience.

“Continuing the growth of the Betway brand in the US, we’re delighted to be partnering with the Dallas Mavericks,” said Anthony Werkman, Betway’s CEO.

“The Mavs are a globally recognized team that will help promote the Betway name around the world. We are excited to be showcased to their amazing fanbase whose loyal support helped the Mavs achieve the outstanding record for the longest run of sold-out games in major league sports.”

Betway’s Seriousness

Betway, a major brand in European markets has yet to make a huge splash in the US scene, mostly because they haven’t been licensed outside of New Jersey and Indiana. But six NBA official partnership deals show Betway’s seriousness on their road to a decent market share.

The official sports betting partnership deal trend isn’t going away anytime soon. There are still a host of pro sports teams in yet-to-be legalized sports betting states that are still absent a betting partner. The Mavericks are the latest team to show that such deals are possible in markets void of a legalized platform.

It could open the floodgates and pave the way for more teams to join the sports betting provider partnership, family. It could also pave the way for Betway to become a more prominent name within the broad and competitive US legal sports betting scene.