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What makes a great NBA sportsbook?


Best Sportsbooks for NBA in 2022

by Bookmakers Review | Updated April 19th, 2022

Determining which sportsbook will provide you with the best service, seamless mobile navigation, a bountiful selection of betting options, and quick payouts is not an easy task. There are dozens of predatory sportsbooks, such as the ones listed with blacklisted icons on the Sportsbook Rating Guide, eager to accept deposits but reluctant or unwilling to pay out when asked. Fortunately, you have come to Bookmakers Review and our panel of experts has vetted them all with the best of the best left standing for professional and new bettors alike.

Favorite Features of NBA Sportsbooks

Bet365 Live Betting Powerhouse
Pinnacle Reduced Juice
888Sport Depth of Betting Markets
BetWay Competitive Bonuses
  1. Live Betting Powerhouse
    bonus icon Competitive Offers

    Bet365’s standout feature is that they are known as a live betting powerhouse offering an incredible depth on all of their wagering markets. Players also enjoy the ability to live stream games and wager while watching the action unfold. For more information on what Bet365 offers, check out the Bet365 sportsbook review.

    Bet365 Review
  2. Reduced Juice
    bonus icon Reduced Juice

    Pinnacle is known first and foremost for their attractive odds, which is arguably more beneficial to a sports bettor than a typical bonus program. By offering reduced juice or advantageous odds, players receive valuable savings over the course of a long season. Check out the Pinnacle sportsbook review.

    Pinnacle Review
  3. Depth of Betting Markets
    Bonus icon
    Bet €10 For €30 Free Bet Terms and conditions apply

    888Sport is known for accepting a wager on just about anything. The depth of their betting markets impresses even the picky professional, and these markets are complemented by a workmanlike mobile user interface. Read more about what the company offers in the 888Sport sportsbook review.

    888Sport Review
  4. Competitive Bonuses
    Bonus icon
    Deposit $40 to get $60 Free Bets Free Bet Terms and conditions apply

    BetWay sets itself apart from the rest of the competition with their competitive bonus program. Players are given various incentives to continue wagering with the sportsbook. In addition, BetWay is known for offering a healthy amount of proposition wagers on a daily basis. Check out the Betway sportsbook review.

    BetWay Review

Choose the Right Sportsbook for Your NBA Bets

Don’t be fooled by splashy bonuses or promotions that seem too good to be true. Many of these sportsbooks are backed by nothing more than creative marketing people who specialize in wooing customers to their sites and taking deposits. Once you’ve sent them your money you will find out the bonuses you were promised are contingent on unreasonable or unattainable rollovers. 

All sportsbooks are not created equal. Bookmakers Review has done all the legwork and grades each sportsbook from A+ to F so that our readers know what they are getting into before they risk a penny. It’s bad enough to be fooled but when you have no recourse to undo the wrong that’s been done then it is downright excruciating.  

Each of these industry leaders is unique and below we will identify where each book stands a tad bit taller than the others. However, the common denominators between all of them are superior customer service, state-of-the-art mobile technology, a vast array of betting options as well as in-game wagering, among a host of other attributes. But most importantly, they all pass the ultimate litmus test of paying customers promptly when a withdrawal is requested.

Let’s get down to it and find out which books are best for you to place your NBA picks

Which NBA Sportsbooks Release Odds Earliest?

The NBA season is a long grind and some nights there is a full slate of games while other times the schedule is limited. But getting an opportunity to bet the games before other books have released their NBA odds is an opportunity most professional NBA bettors relish. If you want to take an early bite at the apple, then you can do no better than Bookmaker or Heritage. Both sportsbooks set the lines that the rest of the industry follows. 

NBA Sportsbooks with the Best Bonuses

Marketing promotions are all part of the bookmaking business, but some do it just a bit better than the rest. If you want the best bonuses from a bona fide elite sportsbook, then look no further than BetOnline. This is a trusted online sportsbook that is completely transparent and has no use for the smoke and mirror tactics used by inferior sportsbooks. Although their bonuses vary, like all sportsbooks, depending on when you sign up, they are known to have among the most generous rewards for those who are first-time customers as well as loyalty bonuses for their longstanding players. 

NBA Sportsbooks with the Biggest Selection of Props

Years ago, prop bets were unheard of when betting the NBA but now they are part and parcel of the nightly betting menu at all of the premier online sportsbooks. But there are a few that cater to NBA prop bettors which is why the pros know that Bet105 and Everygame are among the very best in this category. If team and player props are important to you then check out these outstanding sportsbooks.

NBA Sportsbooks with the Highest Limits

Not every bettor needs large limits and the truth be told, most don’t. But if you like to get down for big money then you need a book that can confidently handle your action. If you fit this profile then you will want to visit BetOnline because this is where big-betting NBA sharpshooters go to play. 

NBA Sportsbooks with the Best Teaser Options

Teasers are a staple of a segment of NBA bettors and gone are the days when the only basketball teasers were of the four-point variety. If you are looking for different ways to bet your teasers and even pleasers, then check out BetAnySports as one of your primary options.

NBA Sportsbooks with the Best Parlay Payouts

Parlays are a terrific way to win big for betting small. But what you might not know is that there are a select few online sportsbooks that offer unique parlay opportunities with superior odds and one of them is Bovada. Those who are regular customers of this A+ rated book understand that they shine in all facets of the industry and parlays are just one of them.

Sportsbooks with the Best NCAAB Parlay Offerings

Some bettors prefer to build big parlays than bet flat wagers and if you fall into this category then you need an online book that caters to your needs. Bovada is not only one of the most iconic names in the sports betting industry but it is built for bettors who enjoy a vast assortment of parlays and progressive parlays. If getting the best odds on your parlays is important to you – and why wouldn’t it be – then Bovada could be the right choice for you.