The Best NASCAR Betting Apps For 2024

NASCAR is an amazing sport: drivers maintain speeds of around 200 mph while rarely making contact with other cars. The rarity of crashes speaks to the skilled precision with which drivers, alongside dozens of competitors, navigate turns and master straightaways. Besides being obviously skilled drivers, there is a lot of strategy in play that has to do with fundamental racing tactics and aerodynamics. Of course, drivers are not everything. Even the most skilled driver needs a fast car. Just how much comes down to the driver and how much comes down to the car is a never-ending debate.

The active drivers who have reached the checkered flag first most often are Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch. Both have 60 career wins. Kyle Busch is also tied with Joey Logano for the most Cup Series Championships among active drivers. 

A champion is determined after the regular season. 16 drivers will compete in the playoffs. There are four rounds in each of which four drivers who don’t win a race or don’t gain enough points are weeded out until the final four remain to duel in the championship round.

At online sportsbooks, one can bet both on individual races and on long-term results. One can bet on individual race winners, finishing positions, and also on matchups that the sportsbook will come up with, where you may choose whether a specified driver will finish ahead of certain other drivers.

Because there are many possible winners in a given race, the betting odds tend to be uniquely attractive, whereas, in other sports, investing in the favorite to win can be very costly because of the juice. With your mobile device, you can place all of these bets on online sportsbooks or on sports betting apps.

So, be ready for the start of the season at the beginning of February – a typical NASCAR season starts in February and ends in November.

The Best NASCAR Betting Apps on the Market

The Top NASCAR Betting Apps List

The top offshore betting sites don’t offer native mobile betting apps, and this is a good thing because it means that you don’t have to deal with technical errors, such as crashes, that frustrate app users.

These sites are fully optimized for mobile betting, however, so you can easily navigate them from your smartphone. The following 10 sites possess features that further distinguish themselves from their competition.

  1. Betting options and limits to appeal to seasoned bettors and beginners
  2. Heritage Sports: Offers reduced juice betting odds
  3. Bovada: Many different types of bets to choose from on race day
  4. BetOnline: Home of opinionated betting lines and same-day payouts
  5. BetAnySports: Offers reduced juice and is known for its excellent customer service
  6. BetUS: Tons of popular prop bets and a great mobile betting product
  7. WagerWeb: Offers various bonuses and quick Bitcoin payouts
  8. JustBet: Provides an ideal in-game betting experience
  9. Everygame: Easy to navigate and lets bettors know about upcoming sporting events
  10. Offers great bonuses and is easy to navigate with an easy-to-edit race betting slip

NASCAR Betting Apps & Mobile Sites Reviewed

The top race betting sites that you’ll want to use do not offer online betting apps but provide an optimal mobile betting experience via the site. Apps crash and are prone to other technological mishaps that websites avoid. You can easily navigate and place bets on the following sites with your smartphone. With websites, you also don’t have to worry about updates, as you do with online betting apps.

1. Bookmaker: Large Betting Limits Will Appeal to Big-Time Bettors

Bookmaker is ideal for sharp bettors because it is justifiably known as the sportsbook “where the line originates.” There are tons of options for prop bets, futures bets and many other wagering options for NASCAR fans at this site.

Just like with other major sports, Bookmaker offers live betting on NASCAR, though availability may differ from race to race. There is even an exclusive $500 welcome bonus for betting on auto racing.

In addition to the great sign-up bonus, this site provides key betting info to racing bettors, like which pit team a driver belongs to, all the dates for the regular season from the first race at Daytona International Speedway to the season championship.


  • NASCAR professional bettors are welcomed
  • Leading sportsbook when it comes to posting odds
  • Loyalty program offered


  • NASCAR professional bettors are excluded from the loyalty program
  • Fewer NASCAR props offered

2. Heritage Sports: Offers Reduced Juice

Heritage Sports homepage

This sportsbook is known for having reduced juice, which puts them ahead of many other online sports betting sites.

Also, Heritage Sports is home to a great live betting product, so you can watch a popular race and have full access to multiple betting types like driver matchups or which pit team will be fastest in the next stop.

You can also place exciting futures bets, which are season-long wagers, on who will the winner of the All-Star Race and more.


  • Reduced juice is offered for main sports
  • One of the best live betting mobile sites
  • Cash-back promo for bettors


  • Fewer bonuses than some competitors

3. Bovada: Large Array of Wager Opportunities for Bettors

Bovada Sportsbook Homepage

Bovada has been a widely used online sports betting site in the United States since 2011. One thing that makes this operator stand out is that it offers a generous crypto deposit bonus for players that use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or another altcoin.

Traditional payment methods are also eligible for their own sign-up bonus. This site allows you to wager on events that take place at popular race tracks all across the United States including Bristol Motor Speedway, Richmond Raceway and more.

The competitive odds are easily displayed so you can make your betting picks. Betting futures and popular prop bets are also offered at Bovada.


  • Great variety of NASCAR props offered
  • Rollover requirements tend to be lower than some competitors
  • One of the best mobile sites to bet on NASCAR events


  • Betting limits in NASCAR events can be lower than in other sportsbooks
  • Odds for NASCAR races can be posted after other competitors

4. BetOnline: More Opportunities to Find Value with Opinionated Lines

BetOnline Homepage

BetOnline is home to a stellar live-betting product that can make any event during the regular season as exciting as the playoff races.

This site also always releases its betting lines early no matter the motor speedway, so you can see all the matchups of drivers and make your betting picks early on.

In addition to keeping the latest NASCAR and X-Finity odds, auto racing fans can also wager on trucks, IndyCar and more all through the racing season.


  • Some of the best welcome promos in the industry
  • High betting limits in NASCAR races
  • Offers opinionated lines in major sports


  • Some withdrawal methods have fees
  • Fewer props for NASCAR races than some competitors

5. BetAnySports: Excellent Customer Service

BetAnySports Homepage

BetAnySports is a great place for reduced juice odds and a variety of prop bets, rather than just straight wagers. You can bet on head-to-head driver matchups, speed lanes and more.

This online sports betting site is based in Costa Rica and distinguishes itself from its field of competitors with its impeccable customer service.

Bettors can find futures on any motor speedway, or over/under props for finish times.


  • The best reduced juice model in the industry
  • Great selection of NASCAR props


  • Fewer promos than other sportsbooks

How To Sign Up For A NASCAR Betting App

The sign-up process at online sportsbooks will be relatively simple.

One goes to the operators’ website and clicks on a text or a button that might read “join now,” “open an account” or something similar.

Then, one provides some personal information. This information will include basic verifiable details like one’s name, email address, and phone number.

The key thing to note is that, in order to complete the process, access any sign-up bonus, and cash out your gambling winnings, you will need to complete a KYC verification. You’ll need to provide your name, address, and some form of identification.

When you make a withdrawal, there are various available methods, like a bank transfer or wire transfer.

NASCAR Bets You Can Place

Throughout the entire season of races, there is a variety of bet types that you can place when betting on NASCAR. Let’s dive into the betting types you could see from race to race.  In NASCAR, the odds are usually presented in the American format.

Race Winner

Just like in other major sports, betting on who will emerge on top of the field of competitors is the most popular type of wager. To win this bet, you just need to predict the outright winner of the race.

Popular Prop Bets in NASCAR

There is a lot of prop betting in NASCAR. Short for propositional betting, prop bets allow you to wager on what’s going on at your favorite motor speedway without having to predict the winner.  

A matchup wager is a common form of this bet, where you will have to pick who you think will perform better between a matchup of drivers. Speed lanes, similarly, allow you to combine these wagers with more than two drivers. Here are some other NASCAR props you’ll come across:

  • Stage Winner
  • Finishing Position
  • Car Manufacturer
  • Number of Cautions
  • Number of Crashes

NASCAR Futures Bets

Betting futures in NASCAR is popular because there are so many big races throughout the entire season. You can place season-long wagers focusing on certain drivers’ performance, or wager on the biggest race of the year in advance.

Bonuses & Promotions

Sportsbooks compete with each other in order to attract customers.

There is a lot of strong competition among sports betting sites, and sportsbooks want to offer bettors at least one bonus in order to entice them into viewing their competitive betting lines and their other features that make them a good website to bet at.

One common welcome bonus is a deposit bonus. With this bonus, sportsbooks target new customers who place a deposit. Sportsbooks might offer an amount of free play that matches their deposit.

So, for example, if you deposit $50, then the sportsbook will add $50 to your deposit amount that you can use to earn more winnings.

You can also find risk-free bets, where your first wager will be reimbursed if it doesn’t succeed, as part of a sign-up bonus.

Loyalty programs, ongoing promotions and contests with cash prizes allow existing users to get bonus funds as well.

What are the biggest NASCAR races?

One cool thing about NASCAR is the history that has taken place at the different tracks. Different tracks have become known for different things. For example, Darlington Raceway has, historically, been witness to some brutal crashes. It is known as the track that is “Too Tough to Tame,” because of its difficulty.

Other NASCAR races are regarded as more prestigious and famous. As such, they attract greater national attention. One such race is the annual season opener, the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway.

But, construed differently, what the biggest race is will depend on the standings later in the entire season of races. Different drivers might be on the edge of playoff qualification, such that certain races will be bigger for them.

FAQs – Mobile Betting On NASCAR

How long do NASCAR races take?

The average NASCAR race lasts around three hours; however, some tracks are longer than others, and different races require drivers to complete more or fewer laps. Multiple caution flags can also slow down a race.

Where can I bet on NASCAR online?

The most well-regarded sportsbooks should appeal to NASCAR bettors because these sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting options in addition to offering competitive race odds.

How many laps are NASCAR races?

Different NASCAR races are longer in terms of lap quantity. There might be anywhere from around 200 laps to around 500, like at Martinsville Speedway.

Can you parlay NASCAR bets?

You can parlay different NASCAR bets and bet types in order to maximize your winnings.

Is NASCAR betting legal?

In states with legal sports betting, you can find NASCAR betting markets. Offshore online betting sites also offer NASCAR race betting in addition to online betting on traditional sports.

  • Arkansas Mobile Sports Betting Expected To Top $500 Million in 2024

    Arkansas Mobile Sports Betting Expected To Top $500 Million in 2024

    The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration forecasts $500 million in sports wagers for 2024, up from $404 million in 2023. Mobile sports betting drives this growth, with Arkansans wagering $1.55 million daily. Tax revenues benefit the state, cities, and horse racing.

  • Montana Ranks Top 5 Among Gambling-Addicted States

    Montana Ranks Top 5 Among Gambling-Addicted States

    Montana ranks 3rd in gambling addiction rates, driven by factors like easy access to gaming machines and limited counseling services. With long, isolating winters, the state sees high percentages of residents affected. However, help is available through organizations like the Montana Council on Problem Gambling.

  • Ohio May Start Cracking Down on Stagnant Sports Betting Licenses

    Ohio May Start Cracking Down on Stagnant Sports Betting Licenses

    Ohio sports betting operators inactive for over a year might face license revocation under a proposed amendment by the Ohio Casino Control Commission. This amendment aims to ensure active participation in sports betting, impacting mostly professional sports properties. Licensees inactive during the preceding term could lose their renewal privileges, promoting economic benefit to the state.

  • Wyoming Regulators Making Moves to Ban Prop Betting on College Sports

    Wyoming Regulators Making Moves to Ban Prop Betting on College Sports

    Wyoming regulators contemplate banning college player prop bets following an NCAA request to protect athletes from harassment. Discussions at a recent meeting emphasized safeguarding integrity and fairness in sports wagering. Potential penalties for bettors targeting athletes are under consideration, aligning with similar measures in other states.