Nuggets vs. Timberwolves Game 6 NBA Best Bet: Minnesota Is Favored for Good Reason

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Denver Nuggets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Thursday, May 16, 2024 – 08:30 PM ET at Target Center

Don’t Count out the Timberwolves

People are counting out the Timberwolves because they enter Game 6 having lost three straight games.

But dismissing the Timberwolves is wrong because doing so ignores the capability that they’ve displayed in their losses.

We have to look beneath the surface to see that Minnesota is showing that it can beat Denver and that Minnesota is doing so in ways that make its outlook for Game 6 very strong.

Anthony Edwards 

First of all, Anthony Edwards had one of his off games in Game 5.

Minnesota lost Game 5 by 15 with Edwards scoring 18 points, which is way more than 15 points fewer than he’s scored in other games in this series.

That is, if Edwards would have had one of his stronger performances, then Minnesota could have very likely won.

Game 6 provides a great betting opportunity for the Timberwolves because Edwards is a reliable bounce-back option.

In the first round against Phoenix, he scored 15 points in Game 2 before scoring 36 points in Game 3.

Edwards, in this series, scored 44 points in Game 4 after scoring 19 points in Game 3.

He is one of those players who are simply unstoppable when they are hot. He’ll take over games with his energetic, attacking style of play and make tough, contested shots.

The Importance of Nikola Jokic Is Overstated 

We all know that Denver’s star Nikola Jokic is very good. Cool.

But, first of all, he is not going to play out of his mind as he did in Game 5. That was a rare sort of performance that was going to happen at some point in a series.

It is most probable that he falls down to Earth only somewhat, though. But let’s think about whether Minnesota can survive a more reasonable but still solid Jokic performance.

In Game 1, Jokic scored 32 points. The Timberwolves won by seven despite the fact that Denver also shot beyond itself from behind the arc and despite Michael Porter Jr., who is inconsistent and often disappears, having one of his great games.

Minnesota has a lot of good individual defenders and scorers, such that one or two players won’t beat it.

Supporting Casts 

This game will come down to Edwards’ supporting cast being remotely close to as good as we know it can be.

Karl-Anthony Towns has shown repeatedly that he can handle Aaron Gordon’s defense. Minnesota lost Game 4 because Towns no-showed, but he reliably scores 20+ points.

As for the rest of Edwards’ supporting cast, this group underperformed tremendously in Game 5.

Minnesota, as a team, made a ridiculously awful three of 18 wide-open three-point opportunities. No NBA team should be expected to be that bad.


Denver’s chances of winning rely too heavily on Edwards being lackluster, Towns underperforming, Minnesota missing a ton of wide-open threes, and Jokic being out-of-this-world.

Normally a strong bounce-back team, Minnesota is going to do to Denver what it did to a Phoenix team that supposedly matched up excellently against it.

Great games from Edwards and a good one from Towns, a decent shooting performance, and Jokic being less than perfect will produce a double-digit win.

There’s a lot of margin of error here for the Timberwolves to still win, meaning that it can withstand a masterclass performance from Jokic because it has the offensive firepower and the breadth of individual quality on defense to win by a clear margin.

The Pick

Hoping for a superstar like Edwards to underperform or for a clearly very capable player like Towns to play poorly or for the Timberwolves to brick a ton of wide-open shots again is just silly.

NBA Pick: Timberwolves -2.5 (-110) at BetOnline

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Timberwolves -2.5 (-110)
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