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New Mexico Betting Apps & Mobile Sportsbooks

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In New Mexico, mobile betting is not currently legal. With no planned changes to the sports betting law in sight, sports betting fans can turn to offshore platforms that offer mobile betting on sports, racing and casino games. Discover the top betting apps with the guide below.

Latest Update
  • 2022: New Mexico sees a significant increase in sports betting activities across its tribal casinos, with growing interest in mobile and online betting options, although state law does not yet formally allow these platforms.

New Mexico Betting Apps FAQs

Yes, users who are over 18 years old (the legal gambling age required) can use Bovada in New Mexico.

Online sports betting is not currently legal in New Mexico; which means that there are no locally-regulated sportsbook platforms. New Mexico sports bettors have been using offshore sportsbooks to make their online bets. These online betting sites are not located in the U.S. and therefore do not fall under state and federal jurisdiction.

You can use popular apps like DraftKings and FanDuel for Daily Fantasy Sports. For any mobile gambling, however, you will need to use an offshore gambling app or mobile site.

You can place sports bets in person at any of the 4 legal sportsbooks in New Mexico or you can place bets online using offshore betting sites. Top-rated offshore sites, such as BookMaker and Heritage Sports, feature a wide range of betting options and markets.

Yes, most of our top-rated offshore sites, such as Bovada and BetOnline, have baseball betting options in addition to a wide range of other popular markets. You can also find niche sports markets and international sports markets with these top-rated sites.

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Best New Mexico Sports Betting Apps

Our betting experts have put this list together after signing up and playing at these sites. They will highlight what they do best as well as give you tips on how you should proceed depending on your style of play.

We have also included additional links later on in the guide with more in-depth reviews of all of these brands. There you will find reviews on over 100 brands rated from 10 to 1. We not only point out the best of the bunch but also the sites with poor rankings that you should stay away from. Here’s the top 10 best mobile options which are available to sports betting fans in New Mexico:

  1. BetOnline – Some of the industry’s biggest betting limits
  2. Bovada – Poker room available via mobile devices
  3. Heritage Sports – Mobile offering makes live betting easy
  4. BetAnySports – Strong bonus offering
  5. Everygame – Strong all-around promotions
  6. WagerWeb – Known for quick payouts
  7. – Larger betting limits than other names on this list
  8. BetUS – Great customer service team
  9. JustBet – Mobile offering user-friendly
  10. BookMaker – Lots of banking options

These online sportsbooks provide competitive betting odds, generous bonus offers, a wide range of sports betting markets and options, great customer support and much more.

New Mexico Sports Betting News & Latest Developments

The timeline of sports betting in New Mexico is a narrative of gradual progression, regulatory developments and strategic negotiations between state authorities and tribal nations. This section offers a comprehensive overview of the key milestones in New Mexico’s journey toward embracing sports betting:

  • 2022: New Mexico sees a significant increase in sports betting activities across its tribal casinos, with growing interest in mobile and online betting options, although state law does not yet formally allow these platforms.
  • 2019: A bill to expand sports betting to include online and mobile platforms is introduced in the New Mexico legislature but does not advance. This reflects the state’s cautious approach to the expansion of sports betting beyond tribal casinos.
  • 2018: New Mexico became the 6th state to authorize legal sports betting after PASPA was struck down by the Supreme Court, lifting the nationwide ban on sports betting. The first sports bet was taken at Santa Ana Casino later that month.
  • 2016: The New Mexico Gaming Control Board begins discussions about the potential expansion of sports betting, acknowledging the increasing interest and potential revenue from this form of gambling.
  • 2015: An update to the amendment of the Class III gaming compact allows for sports betting.
  • 2013: An amendment to the Tribal-State Class III gaming compact is proposed to explicitly include sports betting, following national trends and discussions about the legality and potential of sports betting in the United States.
  • 2010: New Mexico’s tribal casinos experience significant growth, with an increase in the variety of gaming options offered. This period marks a consolidation of the tribal gaming industry in the state.
  • 2008: The State of New Mexico and several tribes renegotiate the terms of the gaming compact, including discussions about the inclusion of new forms of gambling and revenue-sharing agreements.
  • 2007: The 2001 Tribal-State Class III gaming compact amendments were approved.
  • 2006: The New Mexico legislature begins exploring the implications of expanding gambling options in the state, including the potential for sports betting at tribal casinos.
  • 2005: The Pojoaque Tribe entered the gaming pact originally signed in 2001.
  • 2004: The Mescalero Tribe entered the tribal gaming pact.
  • 2003: The Navajo Nation and New Mexico enter into a gaming compact.
  • 2001: New gaming compacts were approved and signed by all the tribes other than the Mescalero and Pojoaque.
  • 2000: Discussions begin among New Mexico’s tribal nations regarding the possibility of introducing sports betting in their casinos, anticipating future changes in federal legislation.
  • 1995: The state of New Mexico and its tribes reach a milestone in their negotiations over gaming compacts, setting a precedent for future discussions about the expansion of gambling activities, including sports betting.
  • 1990: In the wake of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, New Mexico’s tribal nations start to explore various gaming opportunities, laying the groundwork for future negotiations with the state regarding sports betting and other forms of gambling.
  • 1988: The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act is made law. This allows Native American Tribes across the country to negotiate and form gaming pacts of their own that are outside of state gambling laws and jurisdiction.

As the state continues to consider the expansion of sports betting, including online and mobile platforms, its past experiences and negotiations offer valuable insights into the potential future trajectory of the sports betting industry in New Mexico.

Reviews of the Best New Mexico Betting Apps & Mobile Sites

Dive into our in-depth reviews

These are the ten online offshore sports betting websites chosen by our experts. They have been chosen based on their ability to provide quality service. Of course, their mobile platform is important but it is far from the only factor. These mobile sites and online betting apps each provide all forms of gambling to sports betting fans in New Mexico:

1. BetOnline: The Odds Market is One of the Industry’s Best


Established 2001

Visit BetOnline
Best For
Bonus Hunter 8.5
Availability 1st
Future Bets 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Trust 1st
Response Time 1st
Anti-Fraud Measures 1st
100% Free Play

Key Features:

With over two decades in the industry, BetOnline has earned its status as an industry leader, partly due to offering some of the earliest odds on major global markets. This practice is uncommon among sportsbooks as early odds attract sharp bettors.

New Mexico customers benefit from BetOnline’s mobile platform, particularly for early NFL wagers. BetOnline sets early lines that others often follow, allowing bettors to access the best industry prices. The promo codes at BetOnline add to the cost-saving benefits and ensure safe betting on the site.

BetOnline’s mobile platform allows betting from any location, with a comprehensive props market in addition to early NFL odds. Daily, users find numerous alternatives to standard pregame odds, with BetOnline consistently providing diverse betting options.

2. Bovada: High-Level Offerings Across the Board


Established 2011

Visit Bovada
Best For
Mobile Bettor 9.0
Availability 1st
Betting Limits 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Tutorial or Help Resources 1st
Trust 1st
Speed and Responsiveness 1st
75% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

Bovada’s mobile site closely mirrors its desktop counterpart, achieving a notable level of parity that’s rare in mobile versions. This includes transferring the entire desktop experience to mobile. 

Known for claiming to be “America’s busiest poker room,” Bovada caters to players across several countries, ensuring round-the-clock activity in its poker rooms. The network it’s part of is among the world’s largest, lending credibility to its slogan.

Beyond poker, Bovada offers betting options in horse racing, NBA, NFL, NHL and more. In New Mexico, where Bovada has a longstanding user base, new players can access various Bovada promo codes upon registration, enhancing their initial betting experience. This combination of wide-ranging betting options and consistent service has solidified Bovada’s reputation in the online gambling community.

3. Heritage Sports: Mobile Platform Lets You Get in On Live Betting Action

Heritage Sports

Established 2001

Visit Heritage Sports
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 8.6
Knowledge and Professionalism 1st
Withdrawal Methods 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Welcome Bonus 1st
Know Your Customer (KYC) 1st
Trust 1st
25% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

The Heritage Sports app stands out with its reduced juice model, a unique feature limited to only three sportsbooks. This approach is part of their broader commitment to delivering high-quality service across all gambling products.

The platform excels in its live betting market, which is more expansive than many competitors. Unlike sites that limit live betting to major games, Heritage Sports offers it daily, providing New Mexico mobile bettors with extensive choices.

Their live betting platform is notably user-friendly, facilitating timely wager placements. Additionally, Heritage Sports enhances the player experience with bonuses and promos like free deposits and a cash-back rebate promotion, further emphasizing their commitment to user satisfaction and a comprehensive gambling experience.

4. BetAnySports: Best Reduced Juice Model in New Mexico


Established 2002

Visit BetAnySports
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 9.0
Withdrawal Methods 1st
In-Play Betting 1st
Welcome Bonus 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Trust 1st
Frequency of Odds Updates 1st
30% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

BetAnySports focuses on performance over style in its mobile offering. Prioritizing usability, the BetAnySports app features seamless navigation between various tabs, ensuring easy access to all functionalities.

A key aspect of BetAnySports is its reduced juice offering, especially beneficial for New Mexico sports bettors. This includes a 50% saving on spread and total bets, thanks to the -105 pricing, compared to the standard -110 charged by competitors. While most reduced juice sportsbooks typically offer lower bonus levels due to these savings, BetAnySports still presents some generous promotional options.

The mobile platform’s quality ensures that users don’t miss any action while on the move. BetAnySports provides access to a diverse range of global markets, maintaining its service quality across all gambling options.

5. Everygame: Mobile Platform Exceeds the Desktop Version


Established 1996

Visit Everygame
Best For
Niche Sports Fan 8.3
Knowledge and Professionalism 1st
Betting Limits 1st
Wagering Requirements 1st
Tutorial or Help Resources 1st
Trust 1st
Search and Filter Options 1st
100% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

Everygame is one of the few sites in any industry that can accurately make the claim that they have a better mobile platform than the desktop version of their site. The Everygame app is top-notch in all mobile betting aspects.

Mobile sports betting has not been regulated in the state so New Mexico bettors have been using offshore sites like Everygame. The mobile version gives you access to their sportsbook, casino and racebook as well. There you will find a nice selection of Everygame promo codes to choose from.

They also have a great customer service team that can assist you with anything from deposits to withdrawals as well as keep you up to date with the latest bonuses.

6. BookMaker: Early Odds & Elite Service


Established 1996

Visit Bookmaker
Best For
Professional Bettor 9.0
Knowledge and Professionalism 1st
Website Security 1st
Response Time 1st
Types of Bets 1st
Variety of Sports 1st
Welcome Bonus 1st
25% Cash Bonus

Key Features: has one of the industry’s best mobile platforms which is not a surprise. BookMaker is one of the biggest names in the online betting industry. New Mexico customers certainly enjoy the quality of the offerings at BookMaker across several gambling services.

New Mexico players will enjoy amazing customer service, fast payouts, access to early odds and so much more. The early odds will especially help you save money throughout your sports betting experience. BookMaker is known for offering great deposit promos and one of the best loyalty programs in the industry.

How We Rank the Best New Mexico Sports Betting Apps & Mobile Sites

Below we will be going over the criteria used by our betting experts to choose which are the best mobile sites in New Mexico. The criteria are the same that we recommend you to use when making your choice as well. All of these qualities were prerequisites to even be considered for this list of recommended offshore sportsbooks in New Mexico:

Mobile Betting Experience Quality

The best mobile betting experience is one that is similar to the desktop offering. After all, the desktop is the best version of the site therefore it stands to reason that the mobile experience aspires to replicate that. The closer the mobile experience is to the desktop, the better your betting experience will be. It’s important that mobile customers can get the same great experience.

Value of Lines & Odds

Price shopping is one of the most important things to serious bettors. The value of lines can never be underestimated because there are a lot of choices out there. It would be silly to ignore better prices if you knew they were available elsewhere which means that the value of the lines at the sportsbook you choose is of the utmost importance.

You would expect that the brand you sign up with has odds on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and UFC which you can find at every online sportsbook. If you find several markets outside of these leagues, this is an indication that the site you’ve chosen has good value with their odds.

It isn’t easy to manage betting odds from various leagues and the more options a sportsbook has for you to choose from the more comfortable you should feel about the value of the odds.

Bonuses for Mobile Betting

You won’t typically find bonuses that are specific to mobile players for the simple fact that the majority of sportsbook traffic comes from mobile bets. Since mobile customers have become the norm, there really is no incentive for offshore gambling sites to make a bonus specifically for this platform.

You will find the same bonuses available for mobile as you would for the desktop version of the site you choose; some sites offer bigger bonuses for players who rely on crypto transactions as opposed to traditional methods.

Live Mobile Betting & Streaming

Live streaming for sports betting sites should be more common. Sites like Bovada and BetOnline do offer streaming of horse races for example from tracks all across the country. Other brands will offer live streams for games where they offer live betting.

Sports fans would expect live streaming to be a more common feature for sportsbooks and it will be as they continue to work out deals with third-party providers.

Variety of Banking Options & Payout Timeframes

In order for a site to be considered for this guide they need to have a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Starting with the fact that these brands cater to customers from all over the world, it would be very odd to see them with limited banking options as every jurisdiction has a different set of rules. Limited banking options would mean automatic disqualification from this list.

Customer Service Help

Customer service at an offshore sportsbook needs to go above and beyond because they offer so many different gambling services. While we would prefer 24-hour coverage, our betting experts prioritized quality first. All of the recommended sites in this guide provided excellent service.

Prestige & Security

Cyber security is more important than ever in the world we live in. With the amount of personal information in every account, security is at the very top of every offshore sportsbook’s priorities.

New Mexico Mobile Betting Bonuses

Before agreeing to any bonus, the best thing you can do as a new online sportsbook player is think about how often you would like to cash out. For example, there are players that come in at the beginning of the NFL season, make a big deposit and will not cash out until the season is over. There are others who come in for events like big horse races and want to cash out that same day once the event has ended.

For the sports bettors in the first scenario, taking bonuses makes perfect sense. The terms and conditions of the bonus should not be a problem because wagers over the course of a season should meet the terms and conditions of the bonus taken with ease.

The player in the second scenario should stay as far away from most bonuses as possible. All bonuses come with conditions that obligate you to risk a certain amount every time you make a bet. If you want to cash out the same day you deposit, that will most likely not be possible.

This is why knowing your playing style is actually more important than the bonus you choose. It may turn out that your style of play does not suit any type of bonus which is fine. There are a lot of players that do not ever take bonuses.

Sign-Up Bonuses

This is usually the biggest bonus you’ll receive as a customer because it is a tool that is used to attract new players to an online sports betting site. Just as previously mentioned, you should figure out what your playing style is before taking any sign-up bonus.

Another piece of advice for those of you who do prioritize bonuses. Reload bonuses are more important than the signup bonus. The reason for this is that you are only eligible for the signup bonus one time per account.

The majority of your bonuses will be given after you reload your account and if those bonuses are weak (in your opinion) then taking the sign-up bonus doesn’t make nearly as much sense. Most people aren’t signing up for the one-and-done type of gambling experience so consider the strength of the reload promos if bonuses are a priority for you.

Existing Customer Promos

Existing customer bonuses will be referred to as “reload” bonuses by the majority of the industry. These are bonuses given out to returning players after they’ve already claimed the sign-up bonus. As previously mentioned, you should actually consider the value of the reload bonus before even signing up and claiming the reload bonuses.

In fact, a lot of times, the sign-up bonuses might be much bigger in terms of percentage but the terms require you to risk significantly more money to meet the required play-through. You are under no obligation to claim a sign-up bonus.

If you browse the site or speak to a customer service agent and you see a reload bonus that you feel is better than the sign-up offer, the majority of brands will have no problem with you claiming the reload bonus if you feel like it’s a better deal for you.

No-Deposit Bonuses

A no-deposit bonus offer is very rare and always comes with terms and conditions. Sportsbooks do not offer bonuses that do not have required play-through, even if that play-through amount is one time the bonus amount. You should definitely expect that to be the case with no deposit bonuses as sportsbooks have to put these terms in place to protect themselves from bonus abusers.

Free Bets

Similar to no deposit bonuses, free bets are rare and always carry terms and conditions that require a minimum amount of required action. These bonuses also usually include max cashout stipulations as well.

Commonly Accepted Banking Methods in New Mexico

For those engaging in sports betting activities within New Mexico’s tribal casinos or with an online platform, understanding the common payment methods that are used in the broader sports betting industry is valuable knowledge. Here’s a general overview of traditional payment methods and electronic payment methods that are typically accepted at online sportsbooks:

  • Credit Cards & Debit Cards: Should online betting become available, Visa and MasterCard are likely to be accepted for deposits. These offer convenience but may face restrictions from some financial institutions regarding gambling transactions.
  • Prepaid Cards: Casinos often offer their own prepaid cards that can be used for gaming and other amenities offered by the casino. These can be an efficient way to manage gambling expenditures.
  • E-Wallets: Popular e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller could be options for online sports betting, providing fast and secure transactions without sharing bank details with the betting operator.
  • Bank Transfers & ACH Payments: Direct transfers from a bank account to a gaming account offer a secure way to deposit funds, though this would be more relevant for online wagering.
  • Check or Money Order: For larger transactions or where electronic methods are not preferred, checks or money orders could be used, especially for withdrawals.
  • Cryptocurrency Options: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin could offer an innovative payment solution, prized for their enhanced privacy, lower transaction fees and faster processing times compared to traditional banking methods, making them an attractive option for both bettors and operators looking to streamline the deposit and withdrawal process.

These payment options allow mobile bettors in New Mexico to have their sports betting transactions handled securely and quickly.

New Mexico's Most Popular Sports Teams

New Mexico may not boast the same level of professional sports team presence as some other states, but it more than makes up for it with a vibrant collegiate sports scene and a passionate fan base. The state’s unique cultural heritage and love for sports converge to create a lively environment for collegiate athletics, with teams participating in a wide range of sports and competing at high levels.

In New Mexico, the excitement of college games often fills the void left by professional leagues, drawing fans from across the state to cheer on their favorite teams. Here, we spotlight the top collegiate teams that have become fan favorites in New Mexico, capturing the spirit and passion of sports fans throughout the Land of Enchantment:

  • University of New Mexico Lobos (NCAA): Based in Albuquerque, the Lobos are perhaps the most widely followed collegiate team in New Mexico, with their basketball and football teams drawing significant attention. The basketball team, in particular, has a strong following, with games at The Pit being known for their energetic atmosphere and loud crowds. The football team also enjoys support, with tailgating and game day traditions that bring the community together.
  • New Mexico State University Aggies (NCAA): Located in Las Cruces, the Aggies rival the Lobos in popularity and competitive spirit, particularly in basketball where the team has made multiple NCAA Tournament appearances. The rivalry between the Aggies and the Lobos, known as the Rio Grande Rivalry, is a major event for both schools, bringing intense competition and statewide attention.
  • Eastern New Mexico University Greyhounds (NCAA Division II): Though not as large as the programs at UNM or NMSU, Eastern New Mexico University’s athletic teams, particularly in football and basketball, have a dedicated following. The Greyhounds compete in the Lone Star Conference and have developed a reputation for competitive teams and spirited fan support.

The state’s universities not only compete on the field but also contribute to the vibrant social and cultural tapestry of New Mexico, making sports an integral part of the state’s identity. Whether it’s basketball season, football season or any other collegiate competition, the excitement and camaraderie among fans are palpable, proving that you don’t need professional teams to have a rich and thriving sports culture.

How To Sign up for a New Mexico Betting App and Mobile Site

We have outlined the generalized steps for signing up with an offshore mobile website:

Step 1: Open a Sports Betting Account

Once you are on the site or mobile sportsbook app of your choice, you should see the option to either “Join” or “Sign Up.” Choose whichever one is available and fill out the registration form. The registration process is the same for most mobile sportsbooks.

Step 2: Choose a Payment Method

Once you’ve completed the registration form, you now officially have an account. You still need to put money in so the next step is choosing how you want to fund the account. Once you’ve chosen your banking method, you can proceed with your desired deposit amount.

Step 3: Select a Bonus

If you like promos, you usually get the most generous bonus on your first deposit, otherwise known as the welcome bonus. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus.

The main concern for you as a new player is the fact that bonuses have restrictions on your ability to cash out. Some bonuses also have maximum cashout amounts as well as restrictions on certain types of events. Understanding these terms and conditions is crucial in terms of your user experience.

Step 4: Choose a Sport to Wager

This is why you’re here so choose your sport and make your wager. At this point, you should also take the time to review their betting markets to see what type of action you can get in on. It is very possible you find a better bet than the one you originally had in mind before opening your account.

Step 5: Place your Bet

You’re all set to make your wager(s) and enjoy your online mobile betting experience in New Mexico. Before you hit the “place bet” button make sure you review your wager to see you’ve made the right selection.

Betting on a Mobile Site vs. Betting Apps in New Mexico

There are a few key features that are distinct between the two:

Mobile Sites

All online betting sites have a mobile platform. It is more common to find dedicated mobile betting apps with regulated sportsbooks than with offshore ones. That is because they essentially perform the same functions. The other reason is that it is very difficult for offshore brands to get their apps approved for the respective iOS and Android app stores.

The only thing you can do on an app that you can’t do on a mobile platform is to access your account offline. The value in that is quite limited considering that update lines and information can only be obtained if you are connected to the internet.

Mobile apps will become more common for offshore sportsbooks in the future but for now, there isn’t enough difference for these to make that investment. For the ones that have done so, the majority of their customers still prefer the mobile platform over the app.

Betting Apps

You will find that some offshore brands have dedicated apps. You will also notice that there is little to no difference between the apps and the mobile platform. Sports fans have access to a variety of bets and the wagering experience is entirely the same, just scaled down to make it easier for mobile customers.

New Mexico Betting Guides

Our comprehensive betting guides will cover everything you need to know about the other ways to gamble in New Mexico:

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