Best MLB Betting Sites 2024 - The Top MLB Sportsbooks Reviewed

Discover the top MLB betting sites with our expert reviews. We connect bettors to trusted sportsbooks, offering competitive odds, bonuses and all the latest betting news for fans of the Major League.

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Best MLB Betting Sites

After reviewing hundreds of MLB betting sites over the past few years, our experts decided that these are the top five:

  1. Heritage Sports – Seamless mobile betting app
  2. BetOnline – MLB betting site with the highest limits
  3. BookMaker – The best overall MLB betting site
  4. Bovada – Best site for MLB prop bets
  5. BetAnySports – Reduced juice MLB betting site

Each of these sites offers great MLB betting opportunities, generous bonuses and strong security features.

Top MLB Betting Sites Reviewed

Each leading MLB betting site has different areas of expertise, so check out these reviews to find one you like:

1. Heritage Sports: Best for Sharp MLB Betting Lines

Heritage Sports

Established 2001

Visit Heritage Sports
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 8.6
Trust 9.6/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.2/10
Odds 9/10
Customer Service 9/10
Betting Limits 9.7/10
25% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

  • Offers sharp lines on Major League Baseball
  • Appealing cash back program

At Heritage Sports, you’ll find thrilling 8¢ progressive baseball betting lines. They’re part of the reduced juice cashback program, which also offers -108 odds on football and basketball sides and totals, plus a quarterly cash rebate of up to 0.8% on your betting volume. With these 8¢ MLB lines, you can make more profits compared to other sportsbooks.

Heritage Sports stands out with its exceptional cashback program, offering bettors a way to get some of their money back, win or lose. The site also provides an immersive live betting platform that keeps bettors at the heart of the action with real-time updates and a wide range of betting options for the MLB. 

2. BetOnline: Best for Highest Limits


Established 2001

Visit BetOnline
Best For
Bonus Hunter 8.5
Trust 9.8/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 9.2/10
Customer Service 9/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
100% Free Play

Key Features:

  • Large betting limits and re-bet functionality
  • Competitive MLB betting odds

BetOnline allows you to wager up to $10,000 on MLB moneylines. It also has a re-bet option, which allows you to repeat any bet after 61 seconds, multiple times, allowing you to keep going until you reach your desired total stake. That makes it a great option for high-stakes bettors.

It also gives a bigger welcome bonus and more promotions than the other sites we’ve mentioned. Its odds are good and it offers plenty of prop bets. Plus, you can get same-day crypto payouts, watch live MLB games and get quick customer service all on one site, making it another great choice for baseball betting.

3. Best Overall MLB Betting Site

Established 1996

Visit Bookmaker
Best For
Professional Bettor 9.0
Trust 9.5/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.2/10
Odds 9/10
Customer Service 9/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
25% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

  • Famed for issuing the first MLB lines on each game
  • Welcomes all MLB betting action

BookMaker is the top choice for MLB bettors. It’s known for releasing its lines before Vegas books and other offshore rivals, making it a favorite among sharp bettors. Plus, it accepts all types of action, even from professionals, and won’t limit you if you’re on a winning streak.

This MLB betting site is super user-friendly, with a clean interface, fast page loads and an easy online bet slip. The baseball betting odds are competitive and there are lots of options for MLB games. Plus, if you win, you’ll get paid quickly and securely.

4. Bovada: Best for Live MLB Betting


Established 2011

Visit Bovada
Best For
Mobile Bettor 9.0
Trust 9.9/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 8.9/10
Customer Service 9/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
75% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

  • More prop bets than rival MLB sites
  • Lower rollover requirements than rivals

Bovada is our top pick for MLB bettors who want lots of betting choices. They offer a big selection of prop bets and alternate lines for every MLB game. Plus, they have a prop builder tool, and you can create same-game parlays right in the Bovada bet slip. If you want a bet that’s not listed, just message Bovada on social media with #WhatsYaWager and they’ll give you the odds for it.

New players can get up to $750 in bonus credits with the welcome bonus. You only need to bet the funds 5 times, which is less than other offshore MLB betting sites. Plus, there’s a great loyalty program that covers the racebook, casino and poker room.

5. BetAnySports: Best for Reduced Juice on MLB Lines


Established 2002

Visit BetAnySports
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 8.9
Trust 9.6/10
Banking 9/10
Bonuses 8.7/10
Odds 9.6/10
Customer Service 8.5/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
30% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

  • Best MLB betting odds on the market
  • Accessible, easy-to-use betting site

This is the top choice for those looking for better MLB betting odds. BetAnySports provides 5-cent overnight MLB moneylines, available until 8 AM EST. This means you’ll make much bigger profits on winning bets here compared to other sites.

BetAnySports is popular with experienced and sharp bettors but welcomes all players. You will also benefit from 10-cent run lines and totals on MLB games, available overnight and throughout the gameday until the first pitch of each regular season game. While there are alternative packages, we would highly recommend choosing this “Less Juice Package.”

How We Determined Which Sites Offered the Most Value to Bettors

We focused on several key areas when reviewing MLB betting sites:

  • Quality of the Odds: The best online sports betting sites take a low house edge on their lines. BetAnySports and Heritage Sports stand out in this regard.
  • Variety of Baseball Betting Options: We also looked at different types of bets available at each site, including pre-game, in-play and futures betting options at each site, as well as exotic bets like Grand Salamis.
  • Betting Experience: We analyzed the user interface quality at each site, grading them on how easy it was to place a bet. The top sites also enhanced the user experience with exciting features, like live streaming and betting picks.
  • Bonuses: Large match deposit sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses, risk-free bets and odds boosts, and some of the exciting promotions available at the best MLB betting sites.
  • Reputation: We only selected secure, trustworthy betting sites that have a reputation for treating customers fairly and paying out in full and on time.

Choosing the right MLB betting site comes down to great odds, variety, user experience, bonuses and trustworthiness, ensuring your bets are both enjoyable and secure.

Why Bet on Baseball Online

There are lots of benefits to online wagering as opposed to betting on baseball in person:

  • You will find a wider selection of markets at online baseball betting sites.
  • Bettors can register with several sportsbooks, compare their odds on the various betting options and get the best lines on each game.
  • Online real-money sports betting sites provide bonuses and promotions on major sports, which are unavailable in person.
  • It is far quicker and easier to place bets online.

Online betting offers the best odds, bonuses and convenience, making it the best choice for baseball fans looking to place bets.

Choosing Your Baseball Betting Site

First, you need to narrow the search down to sites that are available in your state. For example, Bovada does not accept customers in Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Delaware or Maryland. You can then find a site that suits your budget, such as BetOnline for high rollers.

Lastly, think about what matters most to you. If you want lots of betting options, go for Bovada. For early baseball lines, try BookMaker. BetOnline offers many special deals, while BetAnySports and Heritage Sports have top-notch odds. Don’t forget, you can sign up with several MLB betting sites to get the best of everything. 

Betting Sites Registration Process

Signing up at MLB betting sites is quick and easy. Follow these steps to start placing your bets online.

  1. Click the link next to one of the MLB betting sites on this page and it will pop up in a new window.
  2. Hit “Join” or “Join Now” to open the sign-up form.
  3. Fill in your personal and contact info. Create a password and send in the form.
  4. An email will be sent to the address you have provided. Click the link to validate it.
  5. Make an initial deposit with the online cashier using a credit card, bank transfer, bank wire, crypto or an alternate payment method.
  6. The leading lights within the sports betting industry will provide a large deposit match bonus, but you can opt out if you want to avoid wagering requirements.
  7. When your account is funded, you can place your first bet.

Now that your account is ready, you’re all set to enjoy the thrill of MLB betting with ease and convenience.

Variety of Baseball Markets

A wide variety of baseball betting markets will be available at the leading online sportsbooks. These are the main types of bets you can place:


A moneyline bet is a simple prediction on which team will win a Major League Baseball game, and it’s the easiest of baseball betting options. Sportsbooks provide MLB moneyline bet odds for each game, sometimes for just the first five innings. If you pick the “Listed Pitchers” option, the bet only counts if those pitchers start. These twists can add an extra layer of excitement to this popular option.


Parlay bets combine two or more MLB picks. For example, you might predict that the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers will all win. All three teams would then need to win for the bet to succeed. Parlay betting is exciting, as the money earned from each pick goes onto the next pick, so it can lead to large payouts, but if one pick fails, the entire bet loses.

Run Lines

The run line arises when the sportsbooks give the superior team a 1.5-run handicap. You can bet on Team A -1.5 or Team B +1.5. This is available on all regular season games and postseason games. You will also find alternate run lines.


This is an over/under prediction on the number of runs scored by both MLB teams. Betting totals are also available on innings and groups of innings, and you can bet on team totals and alternative total lines too.

Futures Bets

This is a long-term wager that runs throughout the baseball season, such as the World Series outright winner or specific division winners. It is not determined by a single baseball game. There are also total bets on the number of regular season wins each team will earn, plus futures on player awards, such as the MVP and Cy Young Award winners. Futures odds are dynamic and get updated all season long.

Player Props

A player prop bet focuses on an individual player’s performance. A popular option involves betting on a player to hit a home run. You can also bet over/under on runs, stolen bases, RBIs, strikeouts and much more. There are a range of prop categories available for each game or as future bets.

Team Props

Team prop bets focus on an individual team within a game. Proposition bets allow you to place game bets without wagering on who the winner will be. Examples include the number of runs or home runs the team will score. 

How to Read Odds in MLB Betting

Baseball odds start with a plus or a minus. For example, these are the moneyline odds from Game 1 of the 2022 World Series:

  • Philadelphia Phillies (+143)
  • Houston Astros (-170)

Baseball betting odds beginning with a plus tell you the amount you would win from a $100 bet. A $100 bet on the Phillies would have netted you a $143 profit.

Odds beginning with a minus tell you how much you need to wager to win $100, so a $170 bet on the Astros would have resulted in a $100 profit. 

Tips for Wagers on MLB Games

When betting on MLB games, sports bettors need to have a strategy. Here are some betting tips to help you make informed decisions and improve your chances of winning:

  1. Understand the Odds: Make sure you know how odds work and what they mean for your potential winnings. Odds can vary between sportsbooks, so it pays to shop around.

  2. Research the Teams: Look at the team’s recent performance, head-to-head records and any injuries or player changes. This information can impact the outcome of a game.

  3. Consider the Pitchers: The starting pitcher plays a crucial role in baseball games. Check their recent performance, ERA and history against the opposing team.

  4. Watch the Weather: Weather conditions can significantly affect baseball games, especially wind direction and speed. Games are more likely to have more home runs with strong winds blowing out.

  5. Bet with Discipline: Set a budget for your betting and stick to it. Don’t chase losses, and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

  6. Use Betting Picks and Analysis: Utilize expert picks and analysis to guide your betting decisions. These can provide valuable insights and tips that you might not have considered.

  7. Keep an Eye on the Schedule: Travel schedules and consecutive games can tire teams, affecting their performance. Consider this when placing bets.

By following these tips, you can bet on MLB games more strategically, increasing your chances of winning. 

Top MLB Promo Codes and Bonuses

Top online sportsbooks enhance the baseball betting experience by offering a range of exciting bonuses designed to give you more value on your wagers. These bonuses are a great way to stretch your money further and enjoy more betting action without additional cost. Here’s a closer look at some of the bonuses you might encounter:

  • Deposit Match Sign-Up Offers: These bonuses match a portion of your initial deposit with bonus funds. For example, a 100% match bonus would double your starting bankroll, giving you twice the funds to bet with.
  • Reload Deposit Bonuses: Like sign-up bonuses, these rewards apply to later deposits, keeping you engaged. While they may not match your initial deposit, they still add value to your account.
  • Odds Boosts: Sportsbooks may offer enhanced odds on certain bets, particularly for high-profile games. This means better payouts for successful wagers, offering a significant advantage over standard odds.
  • Risk-Free Bets: Some sportsbooks offer a risk-free bet as a welcome bonus or promotion. If your first bet loses, you’ll be refunded the stake up to a certain amount, typically as bonus funds you can use for future bets.
  • Special Offers: You’ll find a range of promotions like cashback on losses, betting contests and other enticing offers to boost your betting excitement. To discover these bonuses, simply click the link next to the sportsbook listing. While some promotions may need a bonus code, using these links often skips that step, automatically applying the top sign-up bonuses to your account. This smooth process helps you kick off with enhanced offers, ensuring you maximize your betting journey right from the start.

MLB Betting Apps

Some states have locally regulated, native baseball betting apps, which can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store. However, these sports betting apps are unavailable in many states, including California, Florida and Texas.

In those states, you’ll have to use offshore online sportsbooks instead. They don’t have their mobile apps, but you can still bet on MLB games using their mobile-friendly websites on your iPhone or Android. Even in states with their apps, many experienced bettors still prefer offshore mobile sportsbooks because they usually offer better odds, more betting options and bigger bonuses.

MLB Betting FAQs

Visa, MasterCard, a bank transfer, a wire transfer, Bitcoin and altcoins are some of the deposit and withdrawal options available to baseball bettors.

It is typically a 1.5-run handicap given to the stronger team. You can bet on Team A -1.5 or Team B +1.5 at legal sports betting sites.

The best baseball bets are the moneyline, first 5 innings, the run line, total runs and props. Go for the “Listed Pitchers” option at online baseball betting sites too.

Baseball usually brings in the most money on mobile betting apps or websites, especially if you stick to moneyline bets, find the best odds, and do your research.

The minimum age for betting on baseball online varies on a state-by-state basis, but it is generally 18 or 21.

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