Best March Madness Betting Sites 2024

The best March Madness betting sites will take in more bets during the tournament than any other time of the year; no event sees more betting action on its individual games than this college basketball tournament.

Every college basketball fan waits all year for NCAA March Madness to begin with the conference tournaments in March followed by the Big Dance and ends with the final two teams playing for the national championship in April.

Best March Madness Betting Sites

Each of these sites contains great betting opportunities for the college basketball season along with great odds and promotions that add extra value to your bets.

  1. Best overall for March Madness with the earliest lines.
  2. Heritage Sports: Top live betting choice with excellent customer service.
  3. Bovada: Vast selection of proposition bets for all sports, including March Madness.
  4. BetOnline: Notable for opinionated lines and same-day payouts.
  5. BetAnySports: Offers reduced juice on popular sports, maximizing customer winnings during March Madness.
  6. BetUS: Known for generous bonuses and a wide range of March Madness betting options.
  7. WagerWeb: Offers rapid Bitcoin payouts, ideal for crypto users.
  8. JustBet: Releases early odds, providing an advantage for early March Madness bets.
  9. Everygame: Features numerous betting promos and valuable March Madness bonuses.
  10. Attracts high rollers with large betting limits and substantial bonuses during March Madness.

The Top March Madness Betting Sites Reviewed

These top-tier online sportsbooks are the best sites to visit when looking to bet on March Madness. Each site has its pros and cons, allowing you to decide which site best suits your needs.

1. BookMaker: Earliest to Release Betting Odds

There are a total of 32 games combined on the first and second days of March Madness tournament play which means there is a plentiful college basketball betting menu. And if you like to be the first at the buffet then head on over to where they feature early lines and high limits.


  • Offers some of the most competitive NCAAB odds in the industry
  • High betting limits for college basketball
  • 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat


  • No live streaming of NCAAB events
  • Fewer promotions and bonuses for March Madness

2. Heritage Sports: Elite Live Betting and Customer Service

Heritage Sports homepage

March Madness is a frenetic time for sports betting and there will be more action than the average bettor can handle. But Heritage Sports not only has a wide variety of betting options but offers an attractive cash-back feature that can be useful after the smoke clears on the national tournament.


  • Reduced juice can increase your potential payout for successful bets
  • Great variety of sports and betting options
  • Reputable sportsbook in operation for decades


  • Fewer payment options compared to competitors
  • Higher minimum withdrawal amount compared to other sportsbooks

3. Bovada: Impressive Selection of Props Bets

Bovada Sportsbook Homepage

This is an excellent all-around sportsbook that is user-friendly to new bettors. The mobile platform is easy to navigate and there is a myriad of prop bets available. This book also offers a 75 percent cash bonus to those who qualify.


  • User-friendly design makes it a bettors dream
  • Convenient for bettors that prefer to bet on their mobile devices
  • Great promos and bonuses


  • Limited payment options compared to other sportsbooks
  • Lower betting limits than some other sportsbooks

4. BetOnline: Same-Day Payouts for Some Sports Bettors

BetOnline Homepage

There will be plenty of sides and totals to bet, along with prop bets, throughout March Madness which is why it is always good to explore a sportsbook that has opinionated lines. BOL is just such a book and is also quick on the trigger to release those lines.


  • Great variety of NCAAB player props
  • User-friendly website
  • Live betting on college basketball available


  • Some withdrawal options have higher-than-average fees

5. BetAnySports: Offers Reduced Juice Lines

BetAnySports Homepage

If you are new to the betting game and would like a strong customer support team to explain any and all of the features and nuances of the site, as well as the app, then BAS might be the book you are seeking during March Madness. In addition, their reduced juice is always a welcome advantage for any bettor, large or small.


  • Best reduced juice model for NCAAB betting in the industry
  • Quick to process and approve payout requests
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Website offers less features than some competitors
  • Bonuses and promos not as juicy as with other sportsbooks

6. BetUS: Awesome Bonuses for College Basketball Bettors

BetUS homepage

A state-of-the-art user interface and a plethora of prop bet opportunities are just a few reasons why BetUS is one of the best books in the world and why it is uniquely qualified as one of the premier choices for March Madness wagering.


  • Some of the biggest bonuses for NCAAB bettors
  • Expert analysis content of college basketball


  • Higher rollover requirements than some competitors

7. WagerWeb: Offers Fast Bitcoin Payouts

WagerWeb Homepage

Here we have one of the oldest sportsbooks in the industry, dating back to 1994, providing quality service and timely payouts throughout the decades. Plenty of bonuses for new sign-ups for March Madness are available as well as same-day Bitcoin payouts.


  • Some of the best bonuses for crypto users
  • Sister site to Heritage Sports


  • Different wagering limits for certain sports

8. JustBet: Great Place for Live Wagering

JustBet Sportsbook Homepage

Plenty of bonuses here at JustBet for those wishing to dip their toes in the March Madness waters. In addition, they have an extensive live-betting menu for all the conference and tournament games.


  • Great rewards program
  • Sister site to
  • Sharp NCAAB bettors welcomed


  • Withdrawals fees can be higher than other sportsbooks

9. Everygame: Easily Place Wagers on Your Mobile Device

Everygame Sportsbook Homepage

If you are an on-the-go kind of person who relies on your mobile device for everything from placing a takeout order to betting a three-team parlay then this is one book you should explore. The aesthetically pleasing dashboard coupled with enough March Madness bonuses to keep you coming back are two primary reasons to explore this sportsbook.


  • Great mobile interface for NCAAB bettors
  • Outstanding sign-up bonus


  • Rollover requirements are higher than other competitors

10. Big Bonuses for New Users

Sportsbetting Homepage

In addition to a hearty menu of betting options, bonuses are big at this book and those new to March Madness, and basketball betting, in general, will likely enjoy the layout of this one.


  • Sister site to BetOnline
  • High betting limits for NCAAB bettors


  • Mobile version could use a makeover

Is it legal to bet on March Madness?

There is no prohibition against betting on March Madness in the United States and with the advent of legal sports betting in over 33 states, with more to come, many people now understand that offshore online sportsbooks offer better odds than most other popular sites.

The U.S. market does not regulate offshore sportsbooks and therefore can offer better lines, odds and bonuses than domestic sportsbooks. This is a noticeable advantage that the offshore sites enjoy and one that is passed on to the customers doing business with them.

Popular March Madness Betting Markets

Understanding the various types of bets available can enhance your March Madness experience and potentially increase your chances of winning. Below is a list of the most popular types of bets during March Madness season.

Moneyline bets: the most common type of bet for March Madness. You simply pick a team to win. Odds are set by the sportsbooks, and your payout depends on these odds.

Point Spread bets: With point spread bets, a handicap is applied to the favorite team, making the game more balanced. You can bet on the favorite to win by more than the spread or the underdog to lose by less than the spread or win outright.

Over/Under (Totals) Bets: This bet involves predicting the total combined score of both teams in a game. The sportsbook sets a number, and you bet on whether the actual total will be over or under that number.

Parlays: These bets combine multiple bets into one. All your picks must win for the parlay to pay out, but the reward is higher odds and a bigger potential payout.

Futures bets: Bets placed on events that will happen in the future, like which team will win the tournament. The future odds change as the season progresses, offering different payouts at different times.

Prop bets: These are wagers on specific events within a game, not tied to the game’s outcome. Examples include betting on which player will score the first basket or how many points a player will score.

Each type of bet offers a different way to enjoy March Madness and can increase your engagement with the games. Remember to bet responsibly and consider your options carefully before placing your bets.

Popular Teams in March Madness 2024

As March Madness 2024 heats up, bettors are keeping a close eye on several teams that have grabbed headlines and are showing strong potential. Whether you’re new to betting or have been around the block a few times, knowing which teams are drawing attention can help you make informed decisions. Here’s a rundown of some key teams to watch this season.

1. The Defending Champions

Always a team to watch, the previous year’s winners come into the tournament with a target on their backs. They have the experience and the skills, having gone all the way before, but can they handle the pressure to repeat their success? Since UConn won March Madness 2023, they are a team to keep an eye on this year.

2. Top-Seeded Teams

The teams that secure the top seeds in the tournament are important to watch. They’ve earned their spots through strong performances in the regular season. These teams are often considered the favorites to go far in the tournament, if not win it all. The teams predicted to have the highest seeds are Houston, Purdue, UConn, South Carolina and Arizona. 

3. The Underdogs

Every year, there are a few lower-seeded teams that surprise everyone. These underdogs can upset the odds and make a deep run into the tournament. Betting on underdogs can be risky, but it can also lead to big rewards if they manage to pull off a few upsets.

4. Teams with Star Players

Teams that boast one or more star players are always in the mix. These players can take over a game and lead their team to victory, even against tough opponents. Keep an eye on teams with players who are having standout seasons or who can change the game in an instant.

5. Teams Peaking at the Right Time

Some teams might have had an up-and-down season, but if they’re hitting their stride as the tournament approaches, they could be dangerous. Momentum is a real factor in March Madness, and teams that are peaking at the right time can often outperform their seeding.

By keeping these teams in mind, sports fans can better navigate the complexities of March Madness betting. Remember, upsets are common, and the unexpected can and does happen. Use this information to guide your betting strategies, but always do your research and consider the latest news and analysis before placing your bets.

March Madness Online Sports Betting Promotions

NCAA March Madness brings out the biggest and best bonuses at online betting sites everywhere. Risk-free bets are one of the most popular bonuses to be found because they allow the customer a shot at all reward wagers without any risk.

You will also find a bracket contest at many of the online sportsbooks, some giving away $1 million for a perfect bracket and as much as $100,000 for the winning bracket. Best of all, these bracket contests are often free and part of their March Madness promotions.

New sign-ups will also find some books giving 125 percent of the deposit amount in bonus play. It is a buffet of free plays and big bonuses when you sign up for the biggest betting tournament in North America.

March Madness Betting Tips

Betting on college basketball games can be thrilling but also challenging. Here are some tips to help you make smarter bets during the tournament.

Understand the Odds: Odds tell you how much you can win on a bet. Lower odds mean a team is favored to win, but the payout is smaller. Higher odds mean a team is less likely to win, but the payout is bigger if they do.

Research Teams: Before placing bets, look at how teams have performed during the season. Consider their strengths, weaknesses and any injuries that might affect their play.

Don’t Overlook Underdogs: March Madness is famous for upsets. Sometimes, betting on an underdog can pay off. Look for teams that have been improving toward the end of the season.

Consider Betting on Multiple Games: Instead of putting all your money on one game, consider spreading it across multiple games. This approach can reduce risk and increase your chances of winning overall.

Pay Attention to Location: Games aren’t played on home courts. Some teams may perform better or worse in different locations. Check past performances to see how teams handle travel and unfamiliar venues.

Watch the Public Bets: Sometimes, the public heavily favors one team. This can skew the odds. If you have done your research and believe in the underdog, this could be a good opportunity to bet against the public.

Set a Budget: Decide how much you’re willing to spend on betting before the tournament starts. Stick to this budget to avoid any financial stress.

Remember, betting should be fun and not a way to make money. Use these tips to help guide your decisions, but always bet responsibly.

March Madness Betting FAQs

Can you bet on NCAA?

Yes, you can bet on the NCAA Tournament. Betting on this event is widely popular, with options available through various sportsbooks and betting platforms.

Where can I bet on a March Madness Bracket?

You can bet on a March Madness bracket through online sports betting sites, mobile apps and in states or countries where sports betting is legal, at a retail sportsbook and casinos. We recommend offshore sites such as BookMaker, BetOnline and Heritage Sports for the best betting options.

Who has the best odds to win March Madness?

The team with the best odds to win March Madness 2024 is UConn, with odds of +500​​.

Is there a strategy to betting on NCAA?

Yes, a key strategy for betting on NCAA involves doing thorough research on teams, considering factors like performance trends, head-to-head matchups and player injuries. It’s also wise to shop for the best lines across sportsbooks and manage your bankroll carefully, betting only what you can afford to lose.

What is the Oscar method in betting?

The Oscar method in betting is a conservative strategy designed to make one unit of profit per betting cycle. It involves increasing your bet by one unit after a win and keeping your bet the same after a loss, resetting the cycle after each profit.

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